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    Budget-friendly holiday activities for all the family

    If the best things in life are free, why does an average Brit spend approximately £1,863 on their summer holidays? It's high time we changed this statistics! Let us present you with a few holiday activities suitable for every pocket. Some are even completely free!

    Sightseeing, for example, can cost a fortune when you fall for flyers advertising various hop-on hop-off buses, museum passes and shiny traps so readily available on beaten tourist paths. You could alternatively choose your own itinerary and use public transportation instead. Every city has at least one famous bus or tram line which will have you covered for the main tourist attractions. For instance, hop on the route 9, 11 or 24 in London to catch a glimpse of Westminster Abbey, Camden Town or Hampstead Heath, to name only a few of wonderful must-see London places. Trust us, each city has its own bus or tram route which will take you past amazing sites. Do some research and see the city in another way.

    An even better way of getting really absorbed in a city is on foot. Roam the streets without a set plan and feel the real everyday vibe of the place for free! Quaint shops, locals while they go about their daily chores, and genuine architecture make for perfect holiday snaps and great memories. Free walking tours are gaining popularity worldwide and are offered on a pro bono basis. Locals turned tourist guides will show you around the city and fill you in with insider infos and some secret tips. In return, however, they will expect a tip and you can determine the amount yourself.

    There is no need to skimp on good and healthy things while travelling. Ideally, the budget will stretch wide enough to provide us with a fancy hotel, top restaurants and nights out or occasional day trips. Reality check - it's not always possible. Investing in a good place to sleep, which is clean, with comfy beds and is in a safe area is always a good idea. Splash there and save on the other end instead. With our tips, you don't have to miss out on all the fun because you're travelling on a budget this summer.

    Places eternally popular with holidaymakers, such as Sicily or the French Riviera, usually offer a plethora of free music festivals and cultural events, especially over summer. Street food and wine festivals are an absolute hit and a great opportunity to sample local delicacies at low prices.Speaking of food, a BBQ in a designated area in a park or at a river bank is another great opportunity to have some quality time outdoors with your friends or family. It will not cost you a fortune and you will still be well fed and supplied with a daily dose of fresh air. Another thing with food is that usually the best eateries frequented by locals are most likely not in the highly popular tourist areas but in sideways streets and less famous parts of the city. Again, do some research beforehand, eat just like locals do and get more value for your money.

    On a rainy day, museums and galleries are an excellent choice for the whole family. Choose from high-tech and hands-on science museums, which are great for visiting with children, or modern art or classical history museums ideal for history buffs. In some countries, the entry is either free or highly discounted on certain days!

    Another place to hide from rain and get some peace and quiet are churches. Each of them has its own story and most probably has been around long enough to be witness of various historic events in the area. Sit there for a while, admire the art works and the architecture and recharge your batteries for the rest of your holiday!We hope you'll get inspired with our saving tips. Start planning your next trip and feel free to share your ideas with us down in the comments!

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