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    Car hire with penalty points

    If you are planning to hire a car it’s important to know exactly what penalty points - also known as endorsements - are registered on your UK driving licence. Depending on what is registered, this may hamper your ability to rent a car. The car hire supplier will take into consideration the total amount of points, offence type and the points proposed expiry date. If the endorsements you have aren’t compatible with the supplier’s policy, then they may not allow you to rent their vehicle. Auto Europe is always available should you have any concerns on how any endorsements may affect your rental.

    Driving Offence Types

    Driving offences in the United Kingdom are displayed on your licence with a relevant endorsement code. Offences are numerous and varied, from a LC40 code (Driving a vehicle whilst having failed to notify a disability) to a MS10 (Leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position). Some offences are less sever, such as a CU30 (Using a vehicle with defective tyres), but others like a DD40 (Dangerous Driving) will seriously hinder your ability to hire a car.

    For a full list of endorsements please consult

    Accumulating Driving Points

    In the UK if you reach twelve points on your driving licence then you will be banned from driving – less if you have held your licence for less than two years. Car hire suppliers however, employ their own penalty point restrictions and may refuse your rental if you have nine, six or even three penalty points on your driving licence.

    Offence Date and Expiry

    If your driving licence has a BA or CD code (Disqualified Driver or Careless Driver), you may only be able to hire a car once these endorsements have expired and been removed from your licence. Each offence has its own expiry date and lifespan. For example, some offences will expire in four years, whilst other more serious offences will expire up to eleven years after conviction date.

    It is important to understand that even though your penalty points may have expired, some car rental suppliers require some time to have passed since the endorsements were removed. Some car hire suppliers require you to have had your penalty points removed for at least five to ten years before allowing you to rent a car. One example is that of “Causing death by driving whilst disqualified” – it may be on your licence for four years from date of conviction, but then the car hire supplier will generally require four years extra from official date of expiry for you to hire a vehicle.

    Car Hire Supplier Policies

    Each car hire supplier has their own individual company policy as to how many endorsements a customer can have on their driving licence. Some suppliers may rent a car to customers with only three points on their licence, whilst others may do so for customers with only six endorsements. The offence type also matters, for example, if you have six points but for minor offences, a supplier may allow you to rent their vehicle.

    Car hire suppliers review and alter their endorsement restrictions regularly, it is therefore recommended to check the rental terms and conditions carefully, in addition to informing our reservation agents during booking. You may also view the amount of endorsements on your UK driving licence on or contact DVLA. If you have any concerns or questions, then please get in touch.

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