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    Frequently asked questions

    Through our feedback form, we often receive questions or comments from our clients regarding our services and those of our suppliers. In order to help clarify some of the most commonly asked questions, here is a handy list for quick reference.

    1. I booked with Auto Europe, why did I get a car from ________?

    Auto Europe is a car hire broker. That means we don't have our own fleet; instead, through our partnerships with car hire suppliers around the world, we bring our clients the best deals in over 8,000 locations in 135 countries around the world. If you search for vehicles on our booking engine you will be able to see the logo for the relevant supplier under each vehicle, so you can see who you're booking with. After you make the booking you will receive a voucher which will also have the indication of who the supplier is. Therefore, when you go to pick up your car and you're looking for the pick-up desk, you should look for the supplier's logo, rather than Auto Europe's.

    2. Are you sure you don't have your own pick-up desks? Cause I distinctly remember seeing an Auto Europe desk.

    If you book a car hire in Italy, you might come across pick-up desks from Auto Europa. Auto Europe and Auto Europa are different companies (though we can see how one could be misled!). If you book a car hire from Auto Europe in an Italian location, even if you spot an Auto Europa desk don't assume that's where you should head. Instead, look for the information regarding the supplier on your voucher, which will also include the location of the correct pick-up desk.

    3. What are the advantages of booking through Auto Europe instead of booking directly with a given supplier.

    Because we work with so many local and international suppliers, Auto Europe can usually offer you better deals on a larger number of locations than a single supplier can. Furthermore, in the event of any issue with the supplier, Auto Europe will work as a mediator between both parties, with our client's best interest in mind.

    4. I read something disparaging about the fuel practices of Spanish car hire companies. What is this is all about?

    It's becoming increasingly popular in the Mediterranean area for suppliers to practice a 'full to empty' fuel policy. This means that the client has to pay for a tank of fuel upfront and return the vehicle with the tank as empty as possible, as no unused fuel will be refunded. The value of this initial tank of fuel IS NOT included on the initial quote, as it is a local fee over which Auto Europe has no control and which must be paid directly to the supplier at the pick-up counter. Some clients have very strong feelings about why they feel this policy is not appropriate, while others think it suits them just fine. Whether you are on one side of the fence or the other, be advised that you can check the information regarding the fuel policy for each supplier in the Terms, Conditions & Local Fees section of the results given by the booking engine, even before you commit to booking. This way, if you feel a 'full to empty' policy will not suit you, you can choose a supplier with a different fuel policy. To read more about the fuel policies practised by our suppliers, click here.

    5. But no one ever reads the small print!?

    I cannot stress enough that the Terms, Conditions & Local Fees include a lot of important information you should be aware of when making a booking. It lists all the things that are included in your booking, as well as all the things which are not. Furthermore, it also lists local fees (mandatory and optional) which you may be faced with at the pick up desk. This information allows you to better choose a supplier that will suit your needs.

    6. I thought I had all the necessary insurance, but the people at the desk told me that wasn't so and I had to pay extra.

    The initial rate you pay already includes all the insurance necessary for the car to circulate in a given country. At the desk you may be offered additional insurance (insurance to reduce the excess amount, for instance), which you may or may not deem necessary for your own peace of mind. However, you should realise that the additional insurance offered at the pick-up desk is OPTIONAL and you do not have to take it if you do not wish to. For more information about car hire insurance, click here.

    7. I booked a car hire with you, but now I decided I am no longer happy with the supplier/pick-up date/car category. What do I do?

    Nothing could be more natural than changing one's mind. Because Auto Europe understands this, we charge no cancellation or amendment fees when advised up to 48h prior to pick-up date. However, you should note that if you change your booking, you will have to pay for the current rate at the time of the amendment (which may or may not be higher than the price of the original booking).

    8. I booked a Fiat 500 but I got a Citroen C1. What gives?

    Auto Europe does not guarantee a specific car model. When you book a vehicle, you are booking a certain car category. The cars identified on our booking engine are merely examples of the car categories (which is why we put 'or similar' next to them).

    9. At the desk they asked me for a deposit. Are they allowed to do that?

    Yes. This is also noted in the Terms, Conditions and Local Fees. When you pick up the vehicle, the supplier blocks a set amount on your credit card, which works as a security deposit. This set amount usually is the excess + fuel + VAT. After the car is returned, provided the car is returned in the same condition, the full amount is unblocked.

    10. I made the booking with a debit card but now they're asking me for a credit card at the pick-up desk. Can't I use my debit card again?

    Regardless of how you paid for the booking itself, you will need a credit card in the name of the main driver when you pick up the car. This is standard for all of our suppliers and is advised in the Terms, Conditions & Local Fees, and also on the voucher. If you do not have a credit card but would still like to hire a car, fear not. With some suppliers, in some situations, it may be possible to accommodate you. Just call our call centre and our phone agents will do all that's in their power to find you a vehicle.

    We hope this article has been informative and has helped you clarify some doubts you might have had. If at any moment you have a question regarding your booking, don't hesitate to contact us on +44 123 3225 114. You can also contact us by leaving a comment in this post or through Facebook or Twitter.

    Happy travels!

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