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    Top 5 Tips for Smoother Business Travel

    If you need to travel to another part of the UK on business, there are a number of ways to make sure your trip runs smoothly, and is as stress-free as possible. Here are our tips for enjoyable business travel.

    1) Plan your car hire

    Planning your car hire plenty of time in advance helps you avoid unnecessary stress when it's time to travel. And if you were planning on taking public transport, make sure you're certain this is the best option for you - having your own car gives you much more freedom in terms of when you can travel, how you split up your journey, and how much luggage you can bring.

    2) Take regular rest breaks

    If you're in for a long journey, it's important to leave yourself enough time to take plenty of rest breaks - not least because the trip itself is likely to be quite demanding. So, you want to arrive feeling fresh rather than tired and stressed. Simply taking the time to have a cup of coffee and read the paper every few hours will make your journey much more pleasant.

    3) Bring some entertainment

    On any business trip, it's easy to forget to take a little time for yourself - something that can make this kind of travel particularly exhausting. If you're travelling by car, you'll have plenty of room to bring a little entertainment, whether this is in the form of books, games, or something else. Plus, you'll be able to bring sports equipment too, so you can refresh yourself with a quick run or half an hour in the gym.

    4) Listen to important material

    If you're travelling to give a presentation or simply need to make sure you're familiar with certain facts and figures before your arrival, it's tempting to take public transport so you can work while you're en route. However, you can actually do this effectively if you're driving - making a recording of your presentation or any information you need to remember means you can listen to it as you travel. Not only is this a really good memory technique, but it also feels very easy, so you don't end up feeling frazzled.

    5) Always use a checklist

    Lastly, simply using a checklist can make your whole trip run much more smoothly. Be sure to add on everything you need to remember, such as your car hire reservation voucher and driving licence, as well as things you need to pack. Make sure everything's crossed off before you leave, and you'll be in for a stress-free journey!

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