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    Car hire Age Requirements and Restrictions

    Globally, you may come across a minimum and maximum age limit for hiring a car, and often additional fees will be imposed which will increase your overall rental costs. This information is especially relevant for those drivers aged under 26 years, because car hire suppliers may add an additional daily fee, which is commonly known as a “Young Driver Fee”. Age limits and fee amounts vary between countries, car hire suppliers and pick-up locations. We highly advise that you read fully your reservations voucher terms and conditions to be fully aware of the requirements and additional fees.

    What is the minimum age to hire a car?

    In some countries you can rent a car at the age of 18. However, even when a vast majority of rental companies allow the car to be hired by a young driver, it is likely that they will charge as so called young drivers fee and limit the choice of rental cars. However, in most countries, the minimum age is higher. In general, renting a car is easier from the age of 20 and upwards, although drivers under the age of 26 will still be charged an additional young drivers fee. Also note that, although you can rent a car according to your age, almost all rental companies have driving license restrictions. Usually the driving license must not be temporary and must be at least one year old. For this reason, in many rental companies, the minimum age is 19 years. Also keep in mind the age limits of any additional drivers. In some cases, the additional driver's age limit may be higher than that of the main driver, and the same additional charges and restrictions apply to all drivers. With over 60 years of experience, Auto Europe has helped many young tourists organize their rental car around the world. The following links provide additional information for young drivers in certain age groups.

    Does car hire have maximum age?

    The existence of a maximum age limits is a rather recent thing, which is becoming more common among car rental companies. The idea of the restriction is to reduce the risks of older drivers in traffic, and rental companies want to avoid any potential major traffic incidents. The average maximum age is 75 years, but car rental suppliers can choose to set their own limit. The good news for senior drivers is that this restriction does not exist in most European countries. As with young drivers, surcharges can also be charged to senior drivers. In addition, many suppliers require specific documents from older drivers of a certain age. These include, for example, a doctor's certificate of good driving health, a letter from an insurance company that explains any recent accidents and information on the validity of a driving license. For senior drivers, car rental companies can also limit the availability of certain cars and car classes. Maximum age limits may only apply to some car classes. Additional drivers are also subject to the same age limits as senior drivers.

    Car Hire Age Limits – Important Information

    • Age limits for young and senior drivers who wish to hire a car are individually set by the car hire supplier.
      An 18 year old driver already has the opportunity to hire a car despite in some European countries the minimum driver age being inferior. The car hire supplier can alter the age limit for young and senior drivers if it so chooses and sets all the regulations and restrictions independently.
    • Car Hire Age Restrictions are governed by the country of vehicle pick-up.
      Age restrictions for young and senior drivers for hiring a car can be found on your vouchers terms and conditions. It is also required to keep in mind the destination countries own age restrictions. Inform yourself beforehand of your destinations road rules and regulations and don’t forget to contact auto Europe if you wish to drive out of the country of origin.
    • The young driver or senior driver fee, if applicable, is charged by the car hire supplier locally upon collection.
      If you have to pay an additional young driver or senior driver fee in accordance with your contracts terms and conditions, then this fee will not be included in your Auto Europe quotation. This fee will instead be taken locally by the car hire supplier during your pick-up.
    • Car hire age restrictions may require a local payment for extra insurance.
      Senior and young drivers under 21 years old may be required to purchase a quotation with insurance included instead of only opting for the basic insurance cover, or purchase an extra insurance.
    • Age restrictions can restrict you from hiring a particular vehicle or exclude you from a certain car category.
      Multiple car hire suppliers impose a restriction on young and senior drivers in regards to the type of vehicle they can hire. Generally vehicles from a higher class, sports or luxury category have more restrictions, whilst vehicles from mini, economy and compact categories provide fewer restrictions.

    How can I book a car as a young or senior driver?

    When you make a reservation with Auto Europe, always inform us of the right age of the driver so that we can notify you of any age limitation for the car hire. We confirm whether you can drive your chosen car depending on your age and we will let you know of the possible fees on your booking confirmation. For more information on fees and other possible limitations, please see the terms of your booking or look them up on our website. If your local rental company requires some documents or additional information, we will let you know. If renting a car of your choice is not allowed, we will notify you personally. Our qualified customer service staff will help find you the right deal for your travel plans, regardless of your age. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us by phone or email seven days a week.