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    Car Hire Equipment & Accessories

    When you journey with children it’s good to be prepared for every eventuality. Often, children take more things with them, than what two adults together normally take. It is therefore beneficial and often welcomed, when you no longer need to take certain accessories, particularly when you also have to juggle lots of bags whilst looking after the kids. Merely thinking of going on holiday can bring any parent to the edge of anxiety. Simply imaging the rush to get all the bags ready, the baby pram, the sleeping crib, the child’s car seat and the food for when they’re hungry during the trip, can put anyone off their holiday plans. Imagine the stress and time spent organising and taking with you all these accessories! Between checking-in, confirming your bag weight, making sure you haven’t packed anything prohibited in your hand luggage, offloading your child car seats and prams, you quickly realise how fast time flies and how quickly boarding comes around. It is often recommended that if you should require any car hire equipment and accessories during your holiday, such as a baby seat and/or a child booster seat, to contact Auto Europe for help in organising these. During your reservation you can inform us of your requirements and Auto Europe will contact the car hire supplier directly on your behalf. The supplier will confirm directly with us the availability of these items, so that it is present when you arrive at your car hire pick-up point. In order to request the right equipment it is important to inform us of your child’s exact weight and age, so that we can in turn inform the supplier.

    Rental Equipment & Optional Extras

    Another important point to take into consideration, especially for those who love winter sports and who reserve a considerable part of their annual holiday to practicing them, is the hiring of a car roof rack to transport the equipment. It is important to also remember all the other equipment required for driving safely during the winter season. The Ski Resort Hotels in Switzerland, Austria and in the south of Germany are very sought after during the winter season and therefore likewise relevant winter equipment during this period can also run out. It is therefore important to place your booking and request any relevant equipment as quickly as possible and well in advance of your trip. Apart from this, please keep in mind that many of the car hire vehicles - depending on the country of hire - do not come equipped with winter tyres. For example, if you are planning a holiday in France during the winter and are thinking of crossing the border into Germany, you can be fined if your car does not have the appropriate winter tyres. If in the unlikely event you happen to have an accident, the car hire supplier will refuse any refund if you are not properly equipped. To conclude, it is of the utmost importance before your commence your holiday to confirm the necessary equipment and optional extras.

    GPS – A Vital Piece of Car Hire Equipment

    Don’t waste time looking for an address in the city you are visiting. With a GPS device you can, not only quickly find your destination or the exact street you want, but also avoid accidentally driving wrongly down a one way street. If you prefer to drive with a GPS device installed, then please have a look at our GPS included offers page, which will ultimately save you money as opposed to hiring locally. Please have a look at all our current GPS included offers. Who knows, you might find the perfect GPS deal for your next car hire. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to car hire equipment and accessories, then please contact one of our reservation agents on +44 123 322 5114. Our agents are on-hand to answer any questions and even assist you in making your reservation.