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    Terms and Conditions: Why The Fine Print Matters

    It's often a plot point found in B movies that the main character fails to read the fine print of a contract and next thing you know they've lost all their property, handed their first-born to the villain and are now destitute and alone. In real life, things are never quite that dire, but it's a sad truth that very few people bother to go over all the boring fine print.

    Someone once joked that the biggest lie told on the Internet is 'I've read and accept the Terms and Conditions', and they're probably not too far off. But when hiring a car, it is actually quite important to read all the terms and conditions. Not because otherwise you might be misled, but because the T&C give you every last detail about what exactly you're paying for.

    Looking at the rate is a good way to start budgeting for your holiday, but it's of the utmost importance to fully understand what that value means, and what it includes. When you conduct a search on our booking engine, even before you commit to booking, you can read the T&C in full, so you can make an informed choice.

    The T&C start by informing you of what the rate includes. If it includes local taxes, insurance and what kind, location surcharges if it's an airport location, if there are any additional drivers included, etc. It will then inform you of what the rate does NOT include, so as to clear up any misconceptions. The T&C also informs you of the fuel policy regarding a specific car. Fuel policies vary between suppliers, so this is always important to check. The General Terms section is where it all starts to seem dull. Up till now you were dealing with short bullet points, now it's actually walls of text. All the same, soldier on.

    The General Terms inform you about the documents required to make a booking and pickup the car, about the deposit if one is necessary, about driver license requirements (if an International Driving License is necessary), about age limits and about any geographical restrictions (can you cross the border, can you travel to islands, etc.)

    The General Terms also list the insurance exclusions, something which is always handy to know. The second tab on the T&C has information regarding extras, such as GPS, child seats, etc, and their cost, as well as any fees connected with young driver surcharges or additional drivers.

    If after reading the T&C you still have some questions, don't hesitate to contact us for further clarifications.

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