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    Car Hire In Aalborg With Auto Europe

    A city based in the northern region of Denmark, famously recognized for its half-timber mansions sat neatly on the Limfjord waterfront a gateway for the cities trade sources. Aalborg is a city with a history span going back to the Iron Age and the famous Viking era. Aalborg was known for its reputation for being the perfect spot for trading being positioned directly on the Limfjord which has inlets from the north and the south making a perfect route for ships and boats to ferry though the channel and offload their goods. A city full of iconic landmarks, music and the world famous Aalborg Carnival which lasts 3 days and attracts up to 100.000 visitors daily. Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark and is culturally rich from its past history to the present day. Local tour operators provide a service where you have the opportunity to visit the old burial sites of the Viking era. A car hire in Aalborg would be ideal to begin your exploration of this amazing city and finding its hidden retreats such as the Aalborg Historical Museum and the Utzon Center. Make Aalborg the start of a whirlwind road trip travelling to neighboring cities to indulge in what they have to offer such as the Tivoli Friheden based in Aarhus approximately 72 miles from Aalborg a perfect pit stop for a family adrenalin fun filled adventure. Let Auto Europe assist you in making your visit worth it. For additional peace of mind, take a look at the comments posted by previous Auto Europe customers on our Aalborg car hire reviews and Denmark car hire reviews pages.

    How is the traffic in Aalborg?

    Traffic in Aalborg is the same as any other European country, it has peak hours of being a little congested in the mornings and afternoons but apart from that the traffic is well managed and very rarely do you face any congestion. The law currently states that you have to be over the age of 17 with a valid driving license and insurance to drive in Denmark but please check with local rental providers of their own personalized criteria. The only important thing to take note of is cyclists have the right of way on the roads throughout Denmark so bare in mind caution is best for prevention, most recently a new state of the art motorway has been opened for cyclists only in Aalborg. The city is trying to have a cycling status put in place soon, as the pollution levels in the city are very low and the government are aiming to promote this more by making it cycle friendly and cycling safe in the city. If you require additional information on driving your car rental in Aalborg please click here for our informative guide on Driving Information for Denmark.

    Where can I park my car hire in Aalborg?

    It is highly recommended that you use the multi storey car parks scattered throughout the city, as these venues are cost effective and a safe way of leaving your parked car short term or long term. The local airport does have nearly 5500 free car parking spaces available daily but unfortunately it is first come first serve. Q-park Palads is situated near to the Limfjorden and would be ideal for you if you’re visiting the waterfront with your family and friends or alternatively similar car parks are situated in the center of Aalborg too at your convenience.

    Aalborg Airport

    Aalborg Airport is based 13 miles from the center of Aalborg, with its first ever flight to recorded in 1936. The airport was awarded for its architectural beauty in 2001 curved roofs and boomerang shaped rafters making it easy on the eye. The airport itself consists of all the amenities one would require from bars and restaurants to a bargain hunter’s dream of large duty free shops. Relaxation zones can be found throughout the building with easily signposted navigational signs. The airport offer 5500 free parking spaces within the airport grounds but this is on a first come first serve basis unfortunately you cannot pre book a parking slot for your car hire in Aalborg here.

    Aalborg Airport (AAL)
    Official Name: Aalborg Lufthavn
    Address: Ny Lufthavnsvej 100, Norresundby, Denmark
    Telephone: (734) 247 7678
    Airlines Operating at Aalborg Airport: International and local flights are regularly available from Aalborg Airport and flights operating are KLM, Air France, SAS, Ryan air and Great Dane Airlines.

    What to do in Aalborg

    Aalborg is a hub of excitement with history dating back to the Vikings leaving traces of their legacy on this beautiful city to present day features, visit the half-timber built mansions near the waterfront and appreciate the cobbled roads throughout the city. The red tiled rooftops will give you a relaxed feeling in the warmth of a city which has so much to offer in its diverse ways. Rent a car in Aalborg making it easier to commute around the city visiting some of Aalborgs most iconic and well known spots.

    • Utzon Center – The same architect created the beautiful Sydney Opera House and has left his legacy as one of the most iconic and mesmerizing buildings in the whole of Aalborg. Plan your day trip and enjoy what Utzon has to offer you and your family from the Utzon Gallery which is permanently on display. Utzon wants to teach you that architecture is fun from children to adults you can all join in the footsteps of the famous architect Jorn Utzon. It is best advised to pre book any guided tours as they are high in demand or pre book any visit online or over the phone for a fun filled day looking in to the history of architecture.

    • Glyngore Shellfish – If you love seafood this place is a must to visit, ambient surroundings with excellent customer service on at hand to serve you the local delicacies. Glyngore has been established since 1872 as Glyngore Harbor became notoriously popular with fishermen for its quality products such as Oysters, Herring, Crabs and Shrimps. A perfect little pit stop along the Limfjord for your family for a quick taste of the local seafood and of course one of the many home brewed light stout beers. You can pre book a table at this venue by going on there website or calling them directly to avoid disappointment.

    • Budolfi Church – The first church was built as early as 1132 but was a lot smaller than the current Budolfi Church which was built around the 14th century. The décor and features will leave you breathless especially if the choirs are singing or hymns are being read. An absolutely magnificent structure with its gothic styled features with tinted glass panes and colourful interior, some of the furniture within the church has been restored several times due to the age of it. A must visit venue if you love great architectural buildings and most of all to enjoy the ambient peaceful surroundings.

    Best day trips with my car rental in Aalborg

    At Auto Europe we love to share our experiences and recommend our clients nothing but the best, here are a few more chosen destinations for you to venture too.


    A museum of modern art with some fun filled items for the whole family to enjoy, take part in some of the workshops in operation here on a daily basis apart from the weekends. Walk through the museum taking in several of the neat exhibitions being displayed with guided tours also available. Classes are available for children as young as 10 to look in to modern art and create their own little features which get displayed every month at the museum. There is so much to learn and take in walking through the museum it will leave you with so many ideas of modern art and also give you information on how to take up classes on modern art within the local areas.


    A castle built half in timber, built around 1555 and still standing to this date present. You can freely visit the castle grounds and the castle park all year round but unfortunately to visit the castle inside is only on offer in the summer and timetables are available from local tour operators. If you are fortunate to be in Aalborg between the 1st of May and the 1st of October you will get the opportunity to visit the dungeons and underground walkways to the castle, the dungeons look eerie without any windows and big solid lead doors which give you a claustrophobic feeling but also the thrill of being inside an actual dungeon.

    Lindholm Hoje Musset

    A museum which will take you back to the era of Vikings and give you an insight in to how Vikings lived and there day to day practices including the chance to go and visit a local Viking burial site. The stones at the burial sites are still beautifully set in the same place as they were left centuries ago. The museum itself has a lot to offer visitors giving you a deeper insight in how the Vikings lived and what they wore from day to day clothing to jewelry. Once you have finished your tour at the Lindholm Hoje Museet museum sit back and relax at the Café Lindholm and enjoy the locally sourced delicacies and fresh sandwiches which are all daily made from scratch, the cafe specializes in Danish, Italian and French cuisines.

    Geographical information and history

    Aalborg is situated on the north side of Denmark near to the Limfjord, roughly 72 miles from its nearest city of Aarhus. Historical monuments dating back to the Viking era can still be found at a local museum and a Viking burial site. Aalborg has always been known for its trading powers being situated on the river Limfjord specializing in Cement, Spirits and Fish. The river Limfjord has always had a reputation for great seafood and has always been popular with fisherman catching livestock from the River Limfjord from Oysters, Crabs and Herring. The best time to visit Aalborg is between the months of March - September as the temperature is always above 20 degrees, and winters are mild with occasional snow.

    How to get around Aalborg

    Car rentals are widely available throughout Aalborg with the help of Auto Europe. The well known suppliers we work alongside are based at Aaalborg Airport and the inner city areas making it easily accessible to secure a car rental.


    Numerous taxis operate from Aalborg 24 hours a day making life easier for you, vast majority of taxis operate like clockwork throughout day and night, its best advised to use UBER as they are fast, reliable and the cheapest to commute around Aalborg.


    Buses operate throughout the week till late every evening, timetables can be found from local tour operators and the tourism office, the buses are a cheap way of getting around Aalborg on a daily basis and are also available at 30 minutes intervals throughout the day again.

    Useful Links

    Official Tourism Website