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    The Wine Road Trip: Frankfurt to Straßburg Itinerary

    Our travel guides have so far taken you on a trip through famous German travel routes, the Alpine Road and the Romantic Road. This time, we are inviting you to join us on yet another trip, especially recommended for wine lovers. The enthralling German Wine Road will lead you through the most famous vineyards in the country as well as introduce you to the award-winning restaurants.

    Should you value freedom in your travels and would like to learn more about country, choose a car hire in Germany from Auto Europe and set off to an adventure along emerald vineyards.

    The Wine Road in Germany leads through the heart of the largest vineyard region in the country - Pfalz. The 52-mile long route begins in Bockenheim, close to Frankfurt and continues southward to the German Wine Gate in Schweigen-Rechtenbach at the French border in the south of Pfalz.

    The German Wine Road is the oldest of its kind; its construction began in October 1935. A hilly landscape prevails along the route. The largest German forest, the Pfälzerwald, holds rain and wind off the route, creating the perfect driving conditions. Therefore, the wine road is popular for motorhome drives as well as car (hire) trips.

    Not only will you be able to experience heavenly vistas and try some first-class meals, but you will also have the opportunity to sample the best wine in the country. The Wine Road will steal your heart for a few days travelling from the north to the south of the breathtaking Pfälzerwald.

    Driving Itinerary Distance Driving Time
    Frankfurt to Bockenheim 57 miles 49 minutes
    Bockenheim to Deidesheim 17.4 miles 34 minutes
    Deidesheim to St. Martin 15.8 miles 44 minutes
    St. Martin to Siebeldingen 12 miles 28 minutes
    Siebeldingen to Bad Bergzabern 10.2 miles 22 minutes
    Bad Bergzabern to Straßburg 52 miles 1 hour
    Totals: 164.4 miles 3 hours 58 minutes

    Day 1: The North of the Wine Road

    The North of the Wine Road, Germany The North of the Wine Road, Germany

    It doesn't matter what kind of car will you opt for, be it a luxury vehicle or a family one, travelling along the Wine Road in Germany will be the experience of your lifetime. If you are arriving from further away, Frankfurt Airport is your best starting point to this journey!

    The route begins in a beautiful city of Bockenheim. The best time to visit this city is in early autumn. This is when you have the opportunity to sample the young wine, when its ageing process isn't over yet and the wine tastes notably well.

    The route begins at the Haus der Deutschen Weinstraße, the House of the German Wine Road, in the north of the route in Bockenheim, and it is well worth a visit. There are so many wineries in the city, that making a choice may cause you a headache. With a short drive away from Bockenheim, you will encounter restaurants that may well be in the Michelin Guide. Kollektur in Zeltertall-Zell serves luscious meals in an outdoor garden. The guests of Alten Pfarrey in Neuleiningen are welcomed in a historic dining room and in the inner courtyard during summer months. For an excellent dinner try out the L'Herbe de Provence in Großkarlbach, some 62 miles away from Bockenheim. The restaurant, located on the top floor of a historic house, is known for its elegant ambiance.

    With only a few stops on the route, you will soon realise that the Wine Road in Germany, apart from the heavenly meals you will be able to try, has much more to to offer. When on tour, do not forget to see Darmstadt, and once in Bad Dürkheim, pay a visit to Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt - the wine festival, which takes place every second and third weekend of September. This time of year it is all about red wine. Take a photo of the Dürkheimer barrel, the largest wine barrel in the world; it is so big, it could hide a whole restaurant inside!

    Along your travel route through the German vineyards you will discover medieval cities, historic castles and wonderful attractions on the river Rhine. Make a stop at Deidesheim in the halfway of the northern route and treat yourself with a dinner in one of the world-known restaurants. Afterwards, you may take a walk and explore wine taverns and historic architecture along the cobbled streets of Deidesheim.

    Where to stay in Deidesheim:

    There is no bad choice when it comes to hotels in Deidesheim. Some of the most popular are the Hotel Ketschauer Hof, known for its elegant design, Kaiser Hotel & Spa in the city centre, the Deidesheimer Hof with newly renovated rooms, and the Schwarzen Hahn with an exceptional gourmet restaurant.

    Day 2: The Middle Point of Your Road Trip

    The Middle Point of Your Road Trip, Germany The Middle Point of Your Road Trip, Germany

    How would you feel about staying in a former castle from 756? This can come true in the middle of your Wine Road in Germany in the four-star Schlosshotel Edesheim. Spend a night in this luxury hotel and relax to begin the second day of your trip the next morning.

    Neustadt an der Weinstrasse is another highlight of the Wine Road Trip in Germany. The city is home to a castle, the Hambacher Schloss. The view from the castle displays a panorama of the surrounding vineyards. Castle exhibitions provide cultural entertainment all year round. October is the time of the folk festival with the wine queen crowning. Hotel Palatina with its modern design is a great choice for your accommodation in Neustadt. ACHAT Premium hotel offers more competitive prices for a night stay.

    The Wine Road in Germany takes you through the valleys and invites you to make stops and take strolls on cobbled streets in small wine towns and villages like Maikammer and St. Martin. Maikammer is home to numerous villas, built by the wine families. Go on a walking tour to discover the local architecture. Pay a visit to the old St Kosmas and St Damian church, which tower reigns over the rest of the town. The inside of the church displays historic paintings, sculptures, and the baroque altar. If you would like to opt for a road trip to Heidelberg, the city is only three-quarters drive away from Maikammer.

    Where to eat:

    Make sure to taste local wine and cuisine. Stock up with local wine and delicacies for your home and family. Restaurants worth recommending include Ristorante Pizzeria La Corona serving Mediterranean and Italian meals and Dorfchronik offering regional cuisine and wine.

    Day 3: The South

    The South, Germany The South, Germany

    Along the way south on the Wine Road travellers discover small towns like Frankweiler, with a population of one thousand people, home to the church spire built in late Gothic style in 1487, or the town of Leinsweiler, with the half of population than that of Frankweiler. Leinsweiler lures the visitors with medieval architecture, a town hall from 1619, a fountain built in 1581 and the church of St. Martin, dating back to the 13th century.

    Pay a visit to Geilweilerhof in Siebeldingen to get a more scientific approach to wine production. Researchers from German Institute for Grapevine Breeding investigate the weather and pathogens impact on the new strains of vines cultivated at the Geilweilerhof institute.

    Further south of the Wine Road Trip in Germany, you will encounter a historic city of Bad Bergzabern, which belonged to France from 1792 to 1815. Since 1964 the city has developed into a spa resort with a population of 8000 people. Bad Bergzabern is known for Südpfalz Therme, a local spa centre, very popular with tourists. Once in the city, do not miss to visit the mediaeval Castle Bergzabern. The castles has been destroyed, eaten by fire, and ruined during the war. Finally, it was renovated in 1984 and now houses local administration offices.

    Where to eat in Bad Bergzabern:

    The city is also home to quite a few restaurants worth recommending. Fritz Walter Weingut, often visited by tourists, serves seasonal dishes at affordable prices in a modern restaurant. Pay a visit to Culinarium on a sunny day and dine at a large outdoor terrace. With less favourable weather, try out the Weinstube Weinschlössel, a restaurant offering traditional German cuisine.

    Where to stay in Bad Bergzabern:

    There is an ample choice of accommodation in Bad Bergzabern, with options for all budgets. The Schlosshotel Bergzaberner Hof offers friendly service, newly renovated restaurant and large modern rooms. Located in the heart of the city, Hotel Kurparkblick is a more affordable option and provides a quick access to the city's main attractions. Hotel Pfälzer Wald, on the other hand, offers more elegant and spacious rooms for its visitors. Bad Bergzabern is also good for a short trip to Karlsruhe, which is only 24 miles away.

    Day 4: Regional Day Trips and Wine Festivals

    Regional Day Trips and Wine Festivals, Germany Regional Day Trips and Wine Festivals, Germany

    The Wine Road Trip in Germany goes near interesting cities, such as Strasbourg, which you will easily reach by your rental car. With one hour drive, you will be able to discover the Notre Dame de Strasbourg cathedral, take a walk along historic streets and visit the Parc de l'Orangerie or the Musee Alsacien. Dine at the best restaurants in the city to sample famous Alsatian cuisine. Four restaurants in Strasbourg were nominated with Michelin stars!

    Wine festival time is the best moment to go along the German wine road to make the most of its attractions. Deidesheimer Weinkerwe is one of the highlight festivals; it takes place on the second and third weekend of August. Another festival you should not miss is the Wurstmarkt in Bad Dürkheim. While in there, do not miss the opportunity and make a road trip to Kaiserslautern.

    The Wine Road Trip in Germany: A Paradise for Wine Lovers

    The Wine Road in Germany belongs to one of the most fascinating wine regions in the world. With its closely located lush vineyards, the route is a truly captivating place on earth. If you book a car hire for your road trip to German vineyards, you will be able to make the most of your travels and stay open to spontaneous off-the-route day trips.

    Auto Europe gives you a large choice of car categories from local and international rental companies. Take a look at available models in Germany and choose the best car for your travel needs. Book online or on the phone with our reservation team and get ready for the holiday!

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