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    New Year's Resolutions for 2011

    Making lists of resolutions for the upcoming year seems to be a renewed tradition for 2011. I usually like to leave a few things up to destiny, fate, karma, luck or whatever you'd like to call it but for this year I have an also renewed will to make a list of resolutions.The catalyst for this will? My gorgeous, absolutely fantastic, light of my eyes... child. I have a 3 year old son and for the upcoming year one of my biggest resolutions, now that he pays attention to a lot of things, is to show him the world. Not just in 2011, but in the coming years I want to take him to new places, to meet different people, to get acquainted with the world around us.

    One of the countries that has always intrigued me is Denmark. For starters, one of my favourite things in the world is telling a few bedtime stories. And I must confess that Hans Christian Andersen is - obviously - an inspiration for the ones I make up to my little one's scrutiny. He's, indeed, a very demanding audience and stories have to be really good.To breathe a little of the same inspiration that drove Andersen's fairy tales, I do believe Copenhagen would be a great starting place. Not only is the city a beautiful place by itself, but the surrounding landscape and the fact that it's so invested in being an environmentally friendly city make it a go-to destination for the coming year.Those of us with children also know that when visiting a different country, the comfort of driving your own car and schedule your trip according to their whims, humours and even sleep patterns is very important.

    So, when making plans for a journey there, I'd always recommend a car hire in Copenhagen as a means of making sure you wouldn't miss a thing. And there's plenty to see, not only in the capital city but also in Billund where I'd take my son to visit Legoland. In a truly altruistic move, because... those playing with Lego days of mine are long gone. Obviously.

    On a not so altruistic note, there's one other country I'd like to visit in 2011. I'd love to explore southeastern Spain, to start off. A wine-producing, agricultural region in particular as those are both great interests I have. And I could top it off by visiting the ancient city of a couple of Sufi masters I truly admire.

    For those who haven't guessed it yet, Murcia is an enchanting city to discover. To get in touch with the heart of the region, driving a car hire in Murcia is also a great choice.To finish this first part of my resolutions' list, a visit through landscapes filled with mountains and the possibility of enjoying the snow by hitting the nearby slopes: Innsbruck, in Austria. Why not also trying it a little bit with the family?

    To make the most out of the marvelous surrounding region and still have the flexibility to take the family to ski, a car hire in Innsbruck seems like the perfect choice. Especially when there's snow and children involved as you'll want to make sure the only cold they'll feel is the wind in their faces when they're giving it their first try at going down a (beginner's) slope! 2011 is a very promising year, and a few resolutions can't hurt. So, feel free to share a few of yours with us and inspire us to write down a couple more. We'd love to read all about it and, perhaps, how Auto Europe can help you fulfill them!

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