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    Weird Wellness

    Winter calls for snuggly days, warmth and lots of cosiness. Ice-cold days sound like the perfect time for a long overdue visit to a spa. To spice things up a little bit, make this visit a special one by trying out something unusual and new. With a wealth of wellness options out there, we have put together a short list of some special ones which you will definitely not forget.

    Beer Spa in Prague

    Whether alcohol keeps you warm or not is quite debatable but a 37° degree beer bath definitely will. Beer is said to be super healthy thanks to its high B vitamin content which is a good mood and relaxation booster. Be sure to include one of the beer spas on your Prague itinerary.While sipping on beer in unlimited quantities, take your time in a beer whirlpool tub and afterwards relax on a bed made of straw next to a romantic fireplace. Let your skin soak in all the natural nutrients coming from hops, malt and yeast, all having a rejuvenating and soothing effect. Be careful with the drinking though, because it doesn't have quite the same effect when drunk.

    Sake or Ramen Noodles Spa Japan

    Without the slightest intention of encouraging drinking habits, we still need to mention the Sake Spa in Japan, one of the most unusual spa treatments we've come across in our  research. A continuous flow of sake into a bath tub ensures high concentration of amino acids, long praised by geishas as amazing moisturisers coming straight from nature. Geishas are said to have applied it on their faces as a foundation for their heavy make-up.If you visit Yunessan Spa House in south-eastern Japan, besides the sake spa, you can also try a ramen noodles spa! The owner swears by collagen from the pork-based soup and we have decided only to trust them.

    Olive Oil Resort

    The benefits of olive oil have long been known and as such need no special introduction. With fantastic anti-ageing properties, linoleic acids and plenty of skin-perfecting vitamins, there's hardly any better sources for skin care than olive oil.Pamper yourself in one of the authentic spas in the south of France or in Brindisi, Italy, where rich olive oil treatments will be enhanced with herb-infused oil, aromatherapy massages and sea-salt body scrub treatments. Some of these places actually grow their own olive groves so you can have a full home-made package.

    Cryotherapy in Slovakia

    You may think of cryotherapy as a fad thing or one of the latest spa crazes but a unique and, so to say, chilly experience at -120° Celsius is what's in store for you. If you are adventurous, brave enough and quite insensitive to cold, pay a visit to the famous Slovakian spa and have some extra cool time for yourself. Such a therapy has numerous medial benefits and, of course, when in a spa, it is that of rejuvenating the skin that counts. Blood cells will get shrunk under the influence of cold, only to expand again immediately afterwards when you get physically active. This will reinforce blood circulation and enhance elimination of toxins from the blood. It's a hard-core treatment, not suitable for the faint of heart (in the literal sense of the word).

    Chocolate Spa

    Indulge in the best treat in the world without a guilty conscience! The Hershey-themed spa in Pennsylvania is famous for all things chocolatey; the three-floor wellness resort will enchant you with all kinds of beauty treatments based on chocolate. Get decadent with cocoa body wraps or chocolate facials, sipping on hot chocolate (of course!) and having super cute mini sweet treats.

    Sound Bath California

    Now for something completely different! Built in a very special spot in the heart of the Mojave Desert - with good reason. Integraton's unique location is the meeting point of two extremely strong geomagnetic forces.Designed as Moses' Tabernacle and also under the influence of Nikola Tesla's essays, it is a wooden dome used as a generator for electrostatics, attempts of time travel and a source of energy for holistic rejuvenation. The dome's history and the philosophy behind it rely heavily on UFO theories.Why would you like to visit Integraton and book its specialty, a sound bath? Well, besides being quite particular and one-of-a-kind, you could benefit from a 25-minute long sonic session, where you will listen to the sound of crystal bowls made of quartz in a resonant music chamber. Each bowl's sound is directed towards one of the chakras, where sound is believed to be deeply influential and even nutritious for the human nervous system. The whole experience should result in an overwhelming relaxation of both the body and the mind.

    We hope we have inspired you and given you some ideas as to how to battle cold days and get out of the winter rut. Please share your spa tips and experiences in the comments. Auto Europe wishes you a safe trip!

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