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    Car hire in Brindisi at the best rates

    As any port, Brindisi in Apulia is an important commercial hub and has been one since the ancient times. The town used to be not only a port but also the end of the old road called Via Appia, used by Roman soldiers on their way to the Near East and Greece. Brindisi saw a large number of traders, soldiers and pilgrims in those times when it was also known as "Gateway to the East".

    Modern Brindisi is a gateway to Puglia, a region off the Adriatic coast, and the first point of arrival for numerous sun-seekers every summer.

    Auto Europe recommends a car hire in Brindisi as the best way of exploring Apulia or even the southern coast of Italy, less than four hours' drive with a car rental in Brindisi. An interesting option is surely a visit to Montenegro. Catch a ferry from Bari to Bar and get acquainted with the other coast of the Adriatic! A 20-minute drive to Alberobello is a must! Alberobello is a stunning village of whitewashed houses with conical roofs known as Trulli, included in the UNESCO World Heritage.


    Drive your car hire from Brindisi to the rest of the Puglia region and pay close attention to the traffic signs. Auto Europe has put together a more detailed guide to driving in Italy. We recommend reading it thoroughly before your trip.
    As driving in Italy may get chaotic especially in small towns with narrow streets, we advise you to take extra care on your trip and to avoid driving close to the historic centre of Brindisi.


    There are several parking options in Brindisi and finding a place to park your car hire should be trouble-free. While on-street parking is available in some parts of the city, we strongly advise drivers to carefully look for signposts and meters in order to avoid getting fined.

    Santa Chiara car park is open 24/7 and it allows you to park your car rental overnight at affordable prices. The paid car park on Via del Mare is also quite low-priced and has an excellent location near the seafront.

    Geographic Information

    Situated in Apulia, also known as Puglia, Brindisi is a town in southeastern Italy, bordered by the provinces of Bari, Lecce and Taranto. Thanks to its location at the Adriatic coast, the town enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate. Brindisi's countryside is abundant with olive groves and vineyards as well as artichoke fields. The importance of tourism as a thriving commercial sector is evident throughout the town.

    Brindisi Airport

    Together with the airport in Bari, Brindisi Airport serves the south-eastern region of Italy and represents the main point for arrivals and departures of ever increasing number of tourists year round.

    Brindisi-Salento Airport (BDS)
    Website: Brindisi Airport
    Telephone: +39 0831 411 7406

    Public Transportation

    A bus connection from the airport to the main railway station in the town is available at low prices. Buses also serve the town and its suburbs. A more expensive transportation options is taxis, which can often get really pricey. We recommend the more affordable and flexible car hire with Auto Europe. If you fancy a spontaneous visit to Corfu or other Greek islands, get adventurous and hop on a ferry to Greece or even Turkey!

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