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    Car hire in Pisa at the Best Prices

    Auto Europe's strong relationship with leading car hire companies worldwide allows us to provide quality car hire services in a number of locations in Italy - at airports, downtown locations and railway stations. This allows our clients the flexibility of choosing the pick-up location best suited to their needs, safe in the knowledge that they will always get the most competitive prices. In Pisa, our clients can currently pick up their rental at Pisa Airport and in two downtown locations.

    Car hire in Pisa is an excellent choice for travellers who would like to explore not only north-western Italy, including the highly popular Cinque Terre and Genoa, but also charming Tuscany. Start your Italian adventure in Pisa and both Tuscan villages and the Italian Riviera will be at your fingertips! Tuscany hardly needs describing and the Italian Riviera, also known as Ligurian Riviera, also offers a plethora of lovely places to visit.

    Pisa is the main cultural, intellectual and economic centre of the region visited by thousands of tourists all-year round. The first thing that usually comes to mind on the mention of this city is its landmark, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Although an architectural fail, the tower still attracts thousands of tourists and is an inevitable part of numerous holiday photos with people pretending to "support" it or simply striking poses with the tower as a backdrop.

    Admittedly, the Leaning Tower of Pisa steals the spotlight of other noteworthy landmarks, which is a pity, as Pisa is endowed with numerable Renaissance, Gothic and Romanesque buildings worth visiting. Keep reading to find more information not only about the affordable car rental in Pisa, but also great tips as to what to visit in the city and its vicinity.

    How is the traffic in Pisa?

    Be very careful when driving in Pisa and be sure not to make a typical foreigner mistake of driving into the ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone). Accidentally entering this zone is probably the most common way to get fined when driving a car rental in Pisa. As in many other Italian cities, this is a section of the city centre closed to traffic other than residential traffic and public transportation.

    In Pisa, take extra precaution not to drive your car rental into the walled part of the city that dates back to medieval times. You should keep an eye out for the signs and lane restrictions marking the beginning of the ZTL. Pay attention to the parked cars - if most parking spots on your side are not occupied or if all cars have local licence plates and a special kind of sticker on the windshield, you may very well be in the ZTL. This is especially valid if you catch yourself driving past highly popular monuments and tourist attractions. If you accidentally enter the ZTL, you WILL be fined. In fact, you may be fined several times in a course of just a few minutes, every time you pass by a camera. If you do get fined, a letter will be sent to your home address, informing you of the fine. Frequently, car rental companies will also charge an administrative fee per fine. Please note, you will be held responsible for entering the ZTL zone even though you did not realise you were driving in it.

    Where can I park my car hire in Pisa?

    While in most other cities finding a free car park can be quite a challenge, you will find one such car park on Via Pietrasantina near the stadium and just outside the city walls, conveniently located between the centre and the famous Square of Miracles. This will be perfect to park your car hire in Pisa! In addition to this Park and Ride facility, you will find two more big free car parks near the centre. As for other parts of the city, a car park or parking spaces on-street, marked with blue lines, should be easy to find bearing in mind that Pisa is a spread-out city. You must pay with cash at one of the parking ticketing machines and be sure to display the ticket properly on your dashboard.

    Pisa Airport

    Galileo Galilei Airport is the main international airport for the Tuscan region. The airport is extremely conveniently located less than a mile away from Pisa downtown. Pick up your car hire at Pisa airport at the very start of your holiday!

    Galileo Galilei -Pisa International Airport (PSA)
    Website: Pisa International Airport
    Address: Aeroporto Galileo Galilei, 56121 Pisa
    Telephone: +39 050 849111

    What to do in Pisa

    While it can definitely not be compared to Florence in terms of artistic and historic wealth, Pisa still has some wonderful monuments and buildings waiting to be visited.

    • The Leaning Tower of Pisa: Campo dei Miracoli or Field of Miracles is a famous cathedral complex in Pisa with one bell tower of a quite unusual appearance. Once upon a time an engineering miracle, the eight-floor bell tower made of wonderful marble was built in the Middle Ages and remains famous to this day. The tower is impressively beautiful and elaborate with its twin spiral staircase and shining white marble. The soft ground under the tower is the reason why the massive construction sank at the beginning of the construction. The serious problem was only noticed after the third floor had been built. In an attempt to compensate for the height loss on one side and add some counterbalance, more height to the next floors was added. However, this plan failed as the additional weight pushed the tower even further into the ground. Fortunately, the construction works were interrupted several times, which allowed for it to settle well and not collapse. Meanwhile, engineers have tried to secure the tower with special equipment and make it safe for visitors.

    • Santa Maria della Spina:
      The small quaint church on the river shore appears to be completely out of place sitting quietly next to the Arno River. Santa Maria della Spina is a lovely example of Pisan Gothic architecture.
      The beautiful rose windows and elaborately carved sculptures make the church an exquisite construction definitely worth visiting while in Pisa.

    • Palazzo Blu: At the heart of the historic centre of Pisa, you will find a building with an unusual blue colour. The building has been named after the colour discovered by the restoration works on the building and is believed to reflect the taste of previous owners in the 18th century. Palazzo Blu is nowadays a venue for artistic workshops and seminars as well as a gallery that displays temporary art exhibitions.

    • Orto Botanico di Pisa: Part of the Medici family's legacy, Orto Botanico di Pisa is the first European botanical garden created for university study purposes. The garden was commissioned by Cosimo I de' Medici for Luca Ghini of Imola, one of the best botanists of the time, in the 16th century. Orto Botanico boasts an extensive collection of rare and endangered aquatic plants, specimens taken from ancient Egyptian tombs, and old Gingko Biloba trees. Combine an afternoon stroll through the gardens with a visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa as it is only one mile away.
    • Museum of Human Anatomy: The Museum of Human Anatomy is a fantastic place, but sadly often overlooked by locals and tourists. Pisa boasts one of the oldest universities in the world founded in the 14th century. Thanks to its longstanding reputation and tradition, the university has many interesting departments and features several curious and historically important collections of various sorts, the Museum of Human Anatomy being one of them. There are around 1.600 archaeological and medical exhibits of skulls, fetuses, skeletons, and also mummies from ancient Egypt and Colombia. If you are not too squeamish, be sure to visit this place. The entrance is free.

    Best day trips with my car rental in Pisa

    Thanks to the city's convenient position, a car hire in Pisa will take you to some of the loveliest places on the Italian Riviera, Tuscany, or even to the other coast on the Adriatic Sea and the microstate of San Marino. So, let's start:

    • Cinque Terre
      The typical Italian landmark featured in every guide book is the Cinque Terre on the Ligurian Riviera. The steep cliffs dramatically cascading down into the blue sea with brightly coloured houses on their top are simply picture-perfect. The five old fishing villages that Cinque Terre consists of have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and ever since then their popularity has only continued to grow. Cinque Terre villages date from about a thousand years ago and their intricate landscape - gardens, fields and pathways on the cliffs that steeply plunge into the sea - gives them particular charm and grandiose appearance. The houses perched on the cliffs are in pastel hues and are lined up without any particular order, while numerous hiking paths traverse the land and make for some of the best hiking trails in southern Europe.

    • Genoa
      The capital city of Liguria, Genoa can be reached with a car from Pisa in less than two hours. This is an excellent choice if you are looking to spend a day wandering through a maze of ancient narrow streets, breathing in history, and taking fantastic photos.
      In the mediaeval times, Genoa was a mighty maritime power on the Mediterranean and this legacy is still vividly present on its old streets. Walk down Via Garibaldi and admire 16th century palaces with splendid art works inside, see Paganini's violin at the Town Hall alongside the letters written by Christopher Columbus. The narrow winding historic streets are known as "caruggi" and they allow for a walking tour of the mighty Genovese past.

    • Appenino Tosco-Emiliano National Park
      The national park spans over 26, 000 hectares near Parma, Lucca, and Reggio Emilia and includes several high peaks of the Northern Apennines. Its biodiversity makes the park special and interesting for tourists from all ages and walks of life. In addition to beautiful nature which invites you to relax and renew your energy, there are also historically significant castles, churches and museums in the nearby villages.

    • Siena
      In the heart of Tuscany is Siena, a popular Italian city with a longstanding tradition and beautiful heritage. Spend a day in Siena and see its famous landmarks all centered between the famous Piazza Campo and the Duomo cathedral. If you are fit enough, dare to climb the four hundred stairs of the Torre del Mangia tower. Combine this with a visit to the Civic Museum and buy a combined ticket to save some money. The Civic Museum has some fantastic frescoes popular with tourists. Piazza del Duomo is full of monuments to visit one of them being the Cathedral. If you don't have time for all sights, be sure to visit the Cathedral and the Piccolomini Library to admire its splendid ceiling. Round up your visit to Siena with a dinner in one of the traditional Italian restaurants in the centre.

    • Tuscany - Wine and History
      This day trip will take you directly to the heart of Tuscany. Set amid Tuscan rolling hills, Volterra, a rustic walled town built by the Etruscan, awaits its visitors with historic palazzos and a marvellous cathedral. The city has existed for over two thousand years. In the course of history, it has been a crafts centre and a prosperous alabaster industry point. You can still step back in time and visit Etruscan and Roman ruins while feasting on typical Tuscan delicacies. The next step on this day tour is a real Tuscan gem and part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Welcome to San Gimignano, an ancient town on top of a green Tuscan hill. Book a winery visit ahead of time and enjoy a wine tasting tour where you will learn how wine is produced and how certain types of wine complement local food. This will be a proper hands-on Tuscan holiday experience!

    Geographic Information & History

    Pisa is located in central Italy, in the region of Tuscany. Like many Italian cities, Pisa owes much to the works and architectural feats of the great masters of the Italian Renaissance.
    Like most of central and southern Italy, Pisa has a Mediterranean climate, which includes mild winters and warm summers. The average temperature in the summer is 30ºC and temperatures in the winter usually do not tend to drop below 0ºC.
    Up to the 15th century, Pisa was a maritime power situated directly on the sea coast. It was only later that the town was cut off from the sea due to a high silt accumulation by the Arno River. Thanks to its great naval position, Pisa became a Roman colony and a naval base which survived even the fall of the Roman Empire and continued to flourish as a prosperous commercial centre throughout history.

    How to get around Pisa

    Pisa is a relatively small town with all attractions quite close to each other. The airport is also only five minutes away from the city centre. Pisa is served by a bus network operated by CPT (Compagnia Pisana Trasporti). You can buy bus tickets in newsstands, tobacconists, at the airport, and at the bus terminal (located in the Piazza S. Antonio). A bus ticket can also be bought via a text message on your mobile phone. The main railway station is a hub for trains to Rome, Lucca, and Florence, so when you are not using your rent a car in Pisa you'll have plenty of other means of getting around the city and its environs.

    Can I hire a campervan in Pisa

    For an even more relaxed holiday and a personalised tour of Tuscany, choose a comfortable motorhome from Auto Europe. The spacious vehicles offer all the amenities and comfort of a home away from home and are an excellent choice for a family holiday. Browse through our rich offer and feel free to contact us on the phone so that we can advise you on the best options tailor-made for your travels.

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