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    Sicily has seen a host of rulers, emperors and conquerors over the course of history. Such a rich past has resulted in abundant cultural heritage, much of it UNESCO protected, which, together with its beautiful coast, draws tourists like a magnet. Besides Palermo, Trapani, Siracusa and many other smaller towns where you can pick up your car hire with Auto Europe, you could start your journey with a car hire in Catania.

    Located on the east coast of Sicily, Catania is famous for the nearby Mount Etna and a plethora of historic sites, including magnificent palazzi built of volcanic rock, charming baroque-style piazzas and a lively fish market. Nightlife is really vibrant thanks to a large number of university students who live and study in Catania. While preparing for your holiday, get inspired with our brand new road trip in Sicily guide!


    Traffic and driving a car hire in Catania do not differ too much than that in other Sicilian cities. You may be surprised by a large number of assertive drivers so be sure you not only respect the rules but also watch out and drive more carefully than in the mainland.

    Pay special attention to one-way streets, which are quite common, and the streets and lanes sometimes merging without a previous warning sign. Never leave your possessions in the car rental to avoid theft. For general information on driving in Italy, please click here.


    For safety concerns, parking is recommended at the airport and secured car parks in Catania. With a regular bus connection between the airport and the city, you will be in Catania centre in no time. Always aim to choose guarded parking lots and avoid on-street parking since crime rate related to car thefts in Catania is, unfortunately, high. On-street parking is not free of charge and you can find the spaces marked with blue paint on the road as designated parking spaces. Obtain a ticket from a machine rather than from people who try to sell them at higher prices.

    Geographic Information

    Catania lies in eastern Sicily at the foot of Mount Etna. The active volcano has played a significant role in Catania’s history and development to this day. The highest volcano in Europe erupted in the 17th century and left the city in ruins. An earthquake followed and destroyed much of the city remnants. Citizens did manage to find a silver lining so they used lava stones to rebuild the city and give it its old splendour back.

    Thanks to its location on the east coast of Sicily, Catania boasts Mediterranean climate and is said to be the warmest place in Italy with mild winters and very hot and dry summers. As such, Catania, as well as the surrounding area, is famous for its citrus plantations and Mediterranean herbs.

    Catania Airport

    Catania Airport - (CTA)
    The airport in Catania is located approximately 2.6 miles south-west of the city. Catania Airport serves as a hub for numerous seasonal charter flights from European cities. The airport is currently the busiest one in Sicily with a large number of tourists throughout the year.

    Telephone: +39 095 723 9111

    Public Transportation

    To reach the city from Catania Airport, it would be the best to take bus 457, which departures every 20 minutes. The buses from Catania to the airport leave from the square by the main station.

    In Catania, you will find one metro line with only 6 stops. The main reason for such a small capacity is the city's geography - it has been built on lava and on a mountain slope. Never ride the train without a proper, validated ticket which can be bought at nearby tobacco shops known as "tabaccheria". The same is valid for city buses, in bright orange colour, which are quite affordable and can take you not only across the city but also to neighbouring villages and towns.

    The most convenient way of getting around is still car hire, flexible, affordable and time saving.

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