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    Car hire in Turin - Get the best rates

    A car hire in Turin from Auto Europe will provide you with the opportunity to explore an authentic Italian working city built for modern-day Italians. Not only rich with cultural history, Turin is also a contemporary, innovative city that blends the old-world charm with futuristic cutting edge industry - namely automotive manufacturing. For your convenience, you may pick up your car rental in Turin from numerous handy locations, so you can start exploring all that this city has to offer - royal palaces, cosy cafes, world-class dining, and museums that celebrate everything from art to motor cars await you.

    Once you have exhausted the opportunities in Turin, you may take advantage of the city's strategic access to the Italian Autostrade, linking you to a multitude of European destination cities, not only within Italy, but within France, and Switzerland as well. Just a two-hour drive from Turin, Milan offers world-class shopping and sightseeing for the sophisticated traveller. In less than three hours, you could be in Geneva, Switzerland - the centre of world diplomacy and finance. When you arrange for a car hire from Auto Europe, you are afforded endless opportunities to create an adventure of your choosing.

    Traffic and Parking

    For easy navigation, Turin roadways are arranged in an organized and logical grid format, so directions within the city are generally uncomplicated. Do be aware that if you would like to bring your car hire in Turin's city centre, there are restricted traffic areas within the old city centre during certain times of the day and if you drive within that area during those times, you may face hefty fines.

    A few rules of the road for driving in Italy:

    • Drive on the right-hand side of the road in Turin.
    • You and your passengers must wear seatbelts.
    • You may not use your cell phone when driving unless using a hands-free system.
    • On-the-spot fines will be issued to drivers who use bus or cycle lanes.
    • Always yield to trains, trams, buses and emergency vehicles.

    For more information on driving in Italy, please click here.


    Turin's public transportation company (GTT) is responsible for roughly 50,000 parking spaces in 25 parking garages, as well as all of the on-street parking. (There are other garages not managed by GTT, which provide public parking as well.) You may only park along streets marked with blue rectangles, while yellow areas are restricted for buses and taxis or may also indicate a disability parking zone. Parking passes can be purchased from news stands, tobacco shops, cafes and parking officials. (In areas marked blue, a sign will indicate the fee and time limit for parking.) Turin is piloting a programme called Telepark that allows you to pay your parking fees with your mobile phone.

    Geographic Information

    Located in the heart of Italy's Piedmont region in northwest Italy, Turin is an industrial city nestled within spectacular natural beauty - surrounded by the Italian Alps, four major rivers pass through Turin including the Po river. Situated at almost 240 metres above sea level, Turin is considered to be in a humid subtropical zone with cold, dry winters and mild summers in the hills and warmer temperatures reached on the plains. Summer, which lasts from June until September, boasts an average high temperature of 25-26°C. The average low, on the other hand, fluctuates around 13°C. Winter in Turin lasts from November to March and is moderately cold with an average high temperature around 2°C and average lows around -2°C.


    The Turin Airport (TRN) is operated by SAGAT S.p.A. and is located roughly 11 miles north of Turin city centre. TRN serves as host to dozens of airlines (including the Italian-based Alitalia) and welcomes more than three million passengers annually.

    Turin Airport (TRN)
    Address: Strada San Maurizio, 12, 10072 Caselle Torinese Torino, Italy
    Website: Turin Airport
    Phone: +39 011 567 6361

    Public Transportation

    Although Turin's economic engine is based in automobiles, the city has a demonstrated commitment to offering residents and tourists an efficient and innovative public transportation system. With a city-wide system that includes buses, trams, and the first driverless and contemporary underground line, Turin's public transportation system is modern and far-reaching.

    The Metro (Underground) System
    The MetroTorino is Italy's first automated metro rail line, which opened to assist guests attending the Turin-hosted 2006 Winter Olympics. The MetroTorino begins operating at 5:30 am Monday to Saturday and at 7:00 am on Sundays. It closes at 10:00 pm on Mondays, at 12:30 am Tuesday to Thursday, at 1:30 am on Friday and Saturday, and at 1:00 am on Sundays.

    Buses and Trams
    The buses and trams within Turin are well-marked with yellow signs and extensive maps of the lines. Most lines run from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The buses within Turin are usually blue in colour and are divided into two categories: urban and suburban. An urban ticket allows you to hop on and ride as many buses as you like within 90 minutes of validating your ticket. A suburban ticket will take you anywhere within a 12-mile range. When in doubt, purchase a suburban ticket to avoid a fine.

    Tickets should be purchased in advance and can be bought at a number of locations, including news stands, tobacco shops, bars and ticket offices. You may purchase tickets covering everything from a single ride to an entire season. Be sure to keep your ticket close at hand, as ticket inspectors are poised to check your purchase, and if you are in violation, fine you.

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