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    Eastern European Travel with your car hire

    Even though the most popular destinations for British holiday makers is within Western Europe, for example Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany, there is also a lot to see and appreciate in Eastern Europe. This side of Europe is full of history, diverse architecture, culinary delights and vibrant atmospheres, all waiting to be explored by you. This region is the ideal melting pot of western and eastern influences. Architecture, cooking and clothing are perfect examples. For your holiday, there is obviously no better way to explore Eastern Europe than with a car hire from Auto Europe.

    Plan a visit to Prague with your car hire and discover this historical bohemian capital. Feel the chills whilst you visit “The Lost Souls Alley” in Krakow. Likewise the old town of Ljubljana is extraordinarily beautiful and a must see when in Eastern Europe. You won’t need to travel much further to capture with your camera lens all the beautiful places that you’ll encounter in this part of Europe. For example, many mesmerizing landscapes and monuments can be found in Budapest, the Hungarian capital. Auto Europe is a car hire broker with over 60 years’ industry experience. We are here to make sure that your holiday and car hire experience within Eastern Europe is a unique and unforgettable one, so that in turn you may enjoy your adventure stress-free.

    Which countries make up Eastern Europe?

    The answer to this question often depends on who is asked and the topic is constantly discussed. However, the rental companies we work with are quite unanimous on this issue. In general, the countries of Eastern Europe are all the countries of the former Eastern Bloc and Turkey. However, the same limitations and conditions do not apply to all countries or rental companies. In some countries, for example, Croatia and Slovenia, sometimes also Slovakia and Hungary, are not considered as Eastern European countries. Also, Greece does not usually belong to Eastern European country limitations, but if you travel there from the West, you have to travel through other Eastern European countries.

    Before planning to travel in Eastern Europe, remember that it is not allowed to cross international borders with all vehicles. Traveling to Eastern Europe is not allowed at some car rental companies for certain categories of cars, or even for certain car brands. Car rental companies say the reason for the ban is that unfortunately driving in certain Eastern European countries is not safe, especially because of car theft. Nonetheless, we do not want to put you off your trip to Eastern Europe. On the contrary, it is important for us that all our customers are familiar with the rules and regulations of the destination country where they travel by car. This allows our customers to prepare and plan their trips accordingly. Although you cannot travel to Eastern European countries with Mercedes Benz or other luxury cars, you can always rent them directly from your Eastern European country.

    Important Information: Driving to Eastern Europe with a car hire

    Notify in advance - Normally, in order for the local rental company to authorize travel to Eastern European countries, it must be notified in advance. Depending on the rental company and the country of destination, a notice may be required from a few days up to ten or more working days. This is because the rental company needs to prepare all the necessary insurances and documents for crossing the country with rental car. You can find more information about pre-notification either on our website or by asking us.

    Extra Insurance and Auto Europe Protection - Sometimes local rental companies may require you to purchase additional insurance locally if you want to travel to Eastern European countries. This varies a lot from the rental company and the rental car category, and we do not have detailed information on the prices or requirements of the local rental companies. From term and conditions or at the latest from your booking confirmation you will see, whether the rental company requires the purchase of insurance locally. Insurance is not always required when traveling from west to east, but traveling between Eastern European countries almost always requires additional insurance. If you rent a car through us with additional protection, it also applies to all Eastern European countries where you have been allowed to travel. If you travel to any country without permission, all insurances, our or from local rental company, will be invalid and you are entirely responsible for all costs in case of problems.

    Cross border fees - Also Cross border fees depend on the rental company and the country of destination. Some rental companies charge a cross border fee when traveling outside the rental country. This fee can be charged per rental or per day. If the fee will be charged, we will notify you of this in your booking confirmation and you can usually find it on the rental terms of the website.

    Driving from Western Europe to Eastern Europe with your car hire

    Even though driving and hiring a car within Western Europe is easy, if you are planning to hire a car in Western Europe and then drive it into Eastern Europe, then a certain element of planning maybe required. Crossing international borders with a car hire isn’t always welcomed by car hire companies - even if you plan to return the vehicle to the same pick-up office. Our professional and experienced reservation agents can help you plan for this, and will be more than happy to seek out a feasible solution for your travel needs. As previously mentioned, it is worth noting that such a car hire reservation can take some time in getting confirmation from suppliers and their approvals.

    You may find that there are different rules in different countries, or even in different cities in the same country. You will probably not find any rental companies in Germany from any city that allows you to travel to Romania by rental car, but the country closer to Germany, such as Croatia and Slovenia, should not be a problem. If you pick up your car from a country neighboring Romania, traveling there is in that case hardly a problem. Always remember to keep in mind the route you are planning to travel from west to east. For example, if you want to travel from Austria to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will inevitably have to travel through other countries. It may be that the rental company allows a trip through Slovenia and Croatia, but not Hungary. Also, if you are traveling to Croatia, you may not be allowed to drive to Dubrovnik, as crossing the land along the Bosnia and Herzegovinas Neum corridor might not be allowed.

    How to hire a car in Eastern Europe?

    If you are planning to travel to Eastern Europe it is worth considering instead hiring a car from within an Eastern European country instead.

    On our website, the process for hiring a car for your Eastern European Travel is the same as hiring a car for Western Europe. During your booking process, you should highlight all the countries you wish to travel in. After fully completing your car hire information; the dates, times, car category, driver details and payment details, do not forget to also fully read your terms and conditions. As soon as you have filled in everything, you may then click through to the payment section. Once concluded, you can expect to receive an email with your confirmation voucher attached. Our voucher provides a summary of all the information that was present during the booking process, including your car hire details, payment details and your specific reservations terms and conditions.

    Please confirm that all your details on the voucher are correct but if you have any concerns please contact our reservations department as soon as possible. If the voucher is correct, then please print two copies, one to hand in to the supplier during your pick-up and one for your own records. If you’d like further Auto Europe car hire tips, then please refer to our questions & answers section.

    Do not hesitate to contact us on our phone number +44 1233 225 114 should you have any questions or to make a reservation. Our dedicated reservation agents are on-hand seven days a week to assist you.

    As soon as we receive your reservation, we will check whether traveling to the countries you want is possible and whether you will have to pay extra for it. We will only add the travel fees to your reservation and will send you a separate e-mail if you require certain documents for confirmation. If traveling is not possible, we will let you know. We will send you a confirmation of reservation by e-mail, where you can read all the terms and conditions, for example whether you need additional on-site insurance or an international driving license.