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    Travel Guide Czech Republic – Exploring Central Europe

    Since its emergence as a modern, multi-faceted tourism destination in the late-1980s, the Czech Republic has become one of the world's most intriguing and historically fascinating places to visit. Divided into two main regions - Bohemia and Moravia - it has an abundance of charming old villages and medieval spa towns to explore across the entire country. With a cheap car hire in the Czech Republic you can also enjoy a leisurely drive to Brno, the country's second city, which is within easy striking distance of the enchanting Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Ranging from picture-book towns and cities and striking fairy-tale castles dominating the local landscape, the Czech Republic is without doubt one of the most glittering jewels in central Europe's tourism crown. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure or simply soaking up some of the country's incredible history and culture, it's the place that has it all. The West Bohemian spa triangle is an area that retains all the grandeur of the golden age of thermal healing with mineral-rich spring pools a major attraction for visitors from all over the world.

    With dozens of monuments and museums covering a wide range of themes, Prague the capital offers several days of scintillating sightseeing activities in a relatively compact area because many of its top attractions are located around the city's ancient castle. Don't miss the chance to walk across Charles Bridge, one of the most iconic river crossings in Europe, before spending a few hours at the National Museum famous for its extensive collection of 1st-century Roman and Early Iron Age artifacts, among thousands of other very rare exhibits.

    Founded in 1954, Auto Europe is a well-established leader of the international car hire industry, offering its millions of global customers in excess of 24,000 convenient pick-up points in over 180 popular destinations worldwide, including the Czech Republic. We work with all the most prestigious suppliers to offer you the broadest range of vehicles at the very best prices, and always with the highest level of service to match. If you want to discover this beautiful country by car then our travel guide for the Czech Republic will be a great help, and please do not hesitate to call our rental specialists on +44 123 3225 114 and they will happy to find you the cheapest deal.

    Look over the Travel Guide Czech Republic topics listed below and take a look at each page for information on a specific aspect of travelling around the country by car.

    Road Trips Attractions Travel FAQs

    Road trips with my car hire in the Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic's mix of history, culture, beautiful countryside and stunning architecture is a big draw for tourists, with Prague being one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe. The motorway system allows easy access for driving through the countryside of the Czech Republic, as well as travelling into Austria or Germany with your car hire.

    Krkonose National Park - Czech Republic

    Wine Tour: Wine connoisseurs are never disappointed in the Czech Republic, with grape-growing is a centuries-old tradition in the Czech Republic, mostly in South Moravia, where you can enjoy wine festivals and the autumn grape harvest held each year. You can also take one of the exquisite wine trails and explore the cellars, wine villages, castles and historical towns by foot or bike

    Krkonose National Park: Krkonose National Park is the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic. Known for its alpine meadows, fields of wildflowers and extensive moors, the area is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the whole of Central Europe. There are several attractions inside the park, including a series of museums which document the uniqueness of the local area.

    Moravian Karst: With more than 100 caverns and gorges, Moravian Karst is home to some of Europe’s most stunningly beautiful natural landscapes. A key feature, the Punkya Caves, have an amazing underground river that you can experience from the safety of a cruise boat. Discover the unique limestone columns and colourful stalactites of the region before descending to the bottom of the Macocha Abyss, a 138-metre-deep sinkhole, one of the deepest on the European continent.

    Bohemian Switzerland National Park: Despite its name, Bohemian Switzerland (also known as Czech Switzerland) is a picturesque region in the north-west of the Czech Republic, about an hour's drive due north of Prague. The impressive Elbe sandstone mountains that criss-cross the park are a beautiful, especially at sunset. Don't miss the Kamenice riverbank and gorges which offer visitors a unique opportunity to see the canyons and sandstone mountains from the water.

    What to do in the Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic is a very popular tourist destination, with Prague in particular being one of the main attractions for most first-time visitors. Given its compact size – and thanks to a first-rate road system – it's easy to get around with a car hire in the Czech Republic, so moving from place to place is quick and easy, thus offering people the chance to get well off the tourist trail to discover some authentic Czech travel experiences.

    Cesky Krumlov - Czech Republic

    • Prague: The magnificent city of Prague boasts a well-preserved medieval quarter bursting with authentic Gothic architecture that transports visitors back more than fibe hundred years. Linking two of the capital's historic neighbourhoods across the majestic River Vltava, the famous 14th-century Charles Bridge is one of the world's most iconic sights. You can't leave Prague without visiting St Vitus Cathedral, which was built over a period of around six hundred years, nor the Prague National Gallery, one of the best museums of its kind in Europe.

    • Kutná Hora: This peaceful Central Bohemian town is one of the most visited places in the Czech Republic. Famous for its wonderful architecture, Kutná Hora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for the Sedlec Ossuary, a Baroque chapel made entirely of human bones and the Gothic-style St Barbara's Church, the impressive Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist and its charming historic quarter. The old silver mines nearby are also worth exploring.

    • Kromeríž: Located in the east of the country, the city of Kromeríž (another of the country's many UNESCO World Heritage Sites) is renowned for its fine Baroque architecture. The Flower Garden is a particular highlight and is generally considered to be among the best-preserved Baroque gardens in the world. Notable for its impressive halls and library full of old volumes, Kromeríž's imposing castle once belonged to the Bishops of Olomouc, who were once very powerful and extremely wealthy.

    • Brno: The second-biggest city in the Czech Republic, Brno offers visitors a rich mix of exquisite architecture and dozens of first-rate tourist attractions. Begin at the imposing St Peter and Paul Cathedral before proceeding to the 13th-century Špilberk Castle which dominates the skyline. The architectural highlight is without doubt the Villa Tugendhat, a UNESCO-inscribed masterpiece of modernism built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

    • Ceský Krumlov: The fairy-tale city of Ceský Krumlov in the heart of the Czech Republic's idyllic South Bohemian region has a lovely medieval district with red rooftops, colourful houses, a striking castle and a picturesque river setting. There are several museums to discover and an art centre dedicated to Egon Schiele, the famous Austrian painter who once lived in the city.

    Frequently Asked Questions about travelling in the Czech Republic

    Contact the Auto Europe Rental SpecialistsWe have compiled a list of some of the most common questions that are generally asked by previous customers when travelling with an affordable car hire in the Czech Republic. These include questions on visa requirements, local time zones, currency types and more. Our staff has ample knowledge on the requirements to hiring a cheap car in the Czech Republic, and in providing relevant travel tips. Here you’ll also be guided on the various car categories on offer and what vehicle would be the most suitable for your requirements. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please call our team.

    What type of car hire is best for your trip to the Czech Republic?

    With so many vehicles to choose from in our fleet, it can sometimes be confusing. Firstly, you should consider what you will be doing during your trip, how many people your party is made up of, and how much luggage is being brought. If you are going to stay in one of the Czech Republic’s biggest cities such as Prague or Brno, then we would advise hiring a smaller car – a Mini- or Economy-category car which are cheaper and more versatile, thus making street parking and moving around the city easier. If you’re planning on driving between some of the larget towns and cities in the Czech Republic, or visiting its spectacular national parks, then somethigng more sumptuous such as an SUV would be more suitable. These cars are sturdy, provide lots of luggage-storage space and have powerful engines, all of which makes long-distance driving more enjoyable. Consult our car hire category information page to gain a greater insight into what exactly are all the key advantages of each category.


    What is the currency in the Czech Republic?

    Begin your holiday by collecting your cheap car hire in Prague and you can even return your car hire to Brno or other destinations in the Czech Republic of your preference. There are also other details you should look into, such as, for instance, the exchange rates. The currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech Koruna (CZK). There are plenty of ATM machines in the major cities.


    What time zone is the Czech Republic in?

    The Czech Republic time difference changes with the seasons. The Czech Republic is located in the Central European Time Zone (CET), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1). Daylight Saving Time is observed in the Czech Republic, where the time is shifted forward by one hour, making it two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2). After the summer months, the time shifts back by one hour.


    Electricity – Do I need a power adapter in the Czech Republic?

    The electricity in Czech Republic is 230 volts, 50Hz. Round-pin plugs with a hole for a male grounding pin are standard. Most sockets also take the standard European two-pin plugs.


    Do I need a Visa to travel to the Czech Republic?

    British citizens planning to travek around with a car hire in the Czech Republic might find that they need a visa to enter the country depending on the length of their proposed stay, while a valid passport will always be a definite requirement. Any UK passport holders whose nationality is presented as any other than a British Citizen should contact the nearest Czech Embassy in order to determine whether or not an entry visa will be required.

    The British Embassy in the Czech Republic is located in Prague. For more information on consulate assistance in the Czech Republic, please visit the website provided. Before you book your car hire in the Czech Republic, it's well worth taking a look at the travel information above which includes everything you need to know when planning your holiday, as well as all the arrangements you need to make before travelling.

    British Embassy Prague
    Thunovska 14
    118 00, Prague, Czech Republic
    Telephone: +420 257 40 2111


    Which are the most common phrases in Czech?

    Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic and a minority language in Slovakia. Czech and Slovak are mutually intelligible. We have put together a few useful expressions in Czech which may come in handy during your travels.

    Hello - Ahoj
    Thank you - Dekuju
    Yes - Ano
    No - Ne
    Hello, Good afternoon - Dobrý den
    Good bye - Nashledanou
    Where is the toilet? - Kde je toaleta?
    How much is it? - Kolik to stojí?
    Please - Prosím
    Where is a bank? - Kde je banka?
    Where is a cash machine? - Kde je bankomat?
    Petrol station - benzínová stanice, benzínka
    Motorway - dálnice

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