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    Useful laws on your holiday

    No matter how much you travel and how good your manners are, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly how to behave amongst the locals, what is considered rude and especially is not allowed in the different holiday destinations. We have collected a bunch of funny laws from some of the most popular holiday destinations worldwide.In France, for example, it is not allowed to call a pig Napoleon, and in Florida single women are not allowed to go parachute jumping on Sundays.

    Israel: It is not allowed to bring bears to the beach. However, since most people do not have pet bears or bring them on holiday, this should not be a big problem.

    Denmark: One must drive with the lights on at all times - even in broad daylight.

    Singapore: Singapore is known for its strict rules and laws, but in a small country with a large population of 4.8 million citizens; one can understand why the laws are there to keep the public spaces clean and organized. It is illegal to sell or eat gum and even worse to throw it on the ground. Always remember to flush the toilet after you have used it, to avoid getting a fine of approximately 50 Pounds.

    Dubai: As one of the United Arab Emirates, , the city that earns large amounts on tourism interprets the Islamic laws more liberally than in other emirates. But during Ramadan, there are no exceptions. The locals fast all day and eat only after the sun has gone down - and this also applies to tourists when they move around in the public. During Ramadan it is forbidden to eat or drink anything in public places. People can thus be fines up to approximately 150 Pounds for breaking this law. Even to relax and a set of stairs to eat a sandwich is not allowed, and should you already have been warned by the police, then a fine of up to approximately 3000 Pounds can be given. However, if you pay straight away, the fine is often smaller.

    Moscow: It might not be what many consider to be the cleanest city in the world, however a law prohibits people from driving around in dirty cars. The question is how dirty a car can be before it is too dirty. Most people say it is too dirty, when one cannot see the number plate, while others say it is too dirty when one cannot see the driver. If you, however, decide to dare the system and ride your extremely dirty car around town, a fine of up to approximately 55 Pounds can be given by an officer.

    Germany: Germany is known as a country, where one should be organized and this also goes for the German roads. It is, for example, not allowed to stop on the side of the highways. Furthermore it is not allowed to get out of the car without a bright security jacket on or to leave the car, for example to get petrol. Therefore it is also not allowed to run out of petrol, as this will leave you stranded. If all of this happens, you can be given the following fines: One fine of up to approximately 55 Pounds for putting other cars and people into danger, approximately 55 Pounds for running out of gas and approximately 55 Pounds for walking along the highway.

    Thailand: Never drive around on a motorbike shirtless in this country. In fact it is illegal to drive around shirtless in cars too. This is a safety precaution, but can cost you up to 5 Pounds every time a police officer sees you.

    France: Since 1910, it has been prohibited to kiss goodbye on the train platforms, as it often led to train delays. There is no fine, however, couples will be asked to use the 'kissing-zone'.

    Try remember a few of these laws when you go away next time. Perhaps you can look up other locals laws before you leave for your holiday, in order to be on the right side of the law and to keep a friendly relationship with the locals.

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