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    Car Hire in Israel at the best rates

    So much passion, reverence and history as in Israel can hardly be seen at any other place. With thousands of pilgrims flocking to the "Holy Land" year-round and other world-famous monuments to visit, experiencing Israel can be overwhelming. We recommend organising a car hire in Israel to get the best holiday arrangement.

    Once there, you will be spoilt for choice. Visit Jerusalem and see why its unique energy keeps inspiring Hebrew, Muslim and Christian pilgrims. Take in the unparalleled blend of scents coming from churches, mosques and synagogues, mysterious relics on every corner, the buzz of street life in the Old Town and the inviting flavours of the Middle East.
    Tel Aviv, on the other hand, is a true urban surprise, marked by its long beaches, vibrant nightlife and modern restaurants.
    Drive your car hire to Haifa, the third-largest city, known for its beautiful and varied landscape with colourful gardens and vast beaches.

    Auto Europe is proud of its fruitful cooperation with leading national and international suppliers. We can help you find car hire in Israel at some of the best prices on the market.

    Make the most of your car rental

    We have put together some practical information to help you organise your trip with a car hire in Romania. More detailed information can be found in our Israel driving guide.

    Road Rules and Petrol Stations

    • Driving in Israel is on the right side of the road.
    • No turning right on red.
    • Traffic lights will blink before turning red. They will also flash yellow before they change into green.
    • Cars already in the roundabout have the right of way.
    • All passengers must wear seatbelts.
    • Traffic signs on main roads are written in English, Hebrew and Arabic. If a sign is not in English, you should look for the number as they are all numbered.
    • Roadblocks are common in war zones.
    • Speed limit varies from 30 mph to 68 mph.
    • Most petrol stations, especially those in big cities, are open 24/7. Choose a self-service one to slightly reduce your bill (up to 10%). Majority of petrol stations have WiFi, decent if not great eateries, and some even offer cash withdrawal at the cashier's.


    Israel has altogether three major toll roads. Route 6 runs through the middle of the country and is also known as Kvish Shesh. Its advantage is the superb position which lets you by-pass a number of towns and villages and thus save some time driving.

    Connecting Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv's Kibbutz Galuyot Exit, the Highway 1 Fast Lane has rates that vary depending on the time of the day.

    The Carmel Tunnel cuts the Carmel mountain range near Haifa. Here you can pay either with cash or a credit card.

    The toll system at the first two motorways is automatic - it takes a picture of your license plate and sends the bill on the home address. In your case, it will be the car rental supplier. We strongly advise to check the supplier's policy on using toll roads while booking in order to avoid any high bills.

    Age Requirements

    The minimum age requirement for obtaining a driving licence in Israel is 17. As a tourist, you may drive using a foreign licence up to one year. Please discuss all details about holding a foreign licence while driving a car hire with the supplier or Auto Europe reservations agents before booking.


    The official state currency is the New Israeli Shekel or NIS. One NIS consists of 100 agorot. You can exchange money either in banks or in numerous exchange bureaus. It is recommended to double-check the rate. Cash can also be withdrawn from ATMs. Major international credit cards are also widely accepted in a large number of shops and restaurants.

    Time difference

    Israel officially belongs to the IST (Israel Standard Time) and is two hours ahead of the UK.


    Good morning. Boker tov.
    Good evening. Erev tov.
    Nice to meet you. Na'im me'od.
    Welcome. Baruch haba.
    Sorry. Slicha
    Help! Atsiloo!
    Do you speak English? Atah medaber anglit?


    As far as voltage is concerned, electricity in Israel comes at 220V as in most European countries. However, a plug type "H" is in use and is unique to this country. Such outlets can also fit C type of plugs. You will most definitely need a travelling adapter which can be obtained in most shops and at all airports.

    Visa & Embassy Information

    With Romania being part of the EU, British citizens are not required a visa for travelling into the country. Should any problems arise during your stay and you need help from the embassy, here you can find the address and other contact details:

    Embassy of the United Kingdom, Tel Aviv
    : Ha-Yarkon St 192, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6340502, Israel
    Telephone: +972 3-725-1222

    Useful link

    Tourist Information Israel

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