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    Lazio Sabina Road Trip - Rome to Terni Itinerary

    Take in the Italian culture and cuisine of the stunning region of Lazio Sabina.

    As one of the most popular cities in the world, Rome is the number one destination for many tourists, however, only some travellers venture outside the eternal city. Be adventurous and take advantage of a car hire in Rome and experience "Dolce Vita" on an Italian road tour! Our trip will take you through the mountains and valleys, and along the banks of glistening lakes. Take a trip to the old, rustic villages and do not miss out the delicious traditional dishes in local restaurants. This and much more awaits you on the Lazio Sabina road trip. Buckle up and start your journey with Auto Europe!

    The trip begins in the historic city of Rome where you will have the opportunity to see world-famous sightseeing attractions, such as Trevi Fountain or the Colosseum. There is no better place to start your journey in Italy! Before you set off to the highlands of Rieti, do not forget to visit historic sites and museums in Rome. Savour local cuisine in the restaurants of the Italian capital city, where dishes made with locally grown olives are especially recommend.

    Before you begin your journey to the Apennines in the centre of Italy, make a one-day trip to Monte Terminillo, a mountain massif, located some 60 miles outside Rome. On the road to Terni, you will pass through interesting towns in the mountains, Leonessa and Amatrice. The first is known for locally grown tasty potatoes, the latter is closely located to the nature reserve and entices visitors to take some rest.

    On the last part of the trip to Rieti, do not miss Lake Campotosto. The ruins of L'Aquila Lazio, located on the way to Lake Campotosto, will take you to an ancient word of archaeology. All the destinations are easily accessible by car. Have all the freedom you need with a car hire so that you can stay flexible on the Lazio and Sabina road trip.

    Driving Itinerary Distance Driving Time
    Lake Albano Scenic Drive 47.4 miles 2 hours 1 minute
    Rome to Rieti 54.3 miles 1 hour 48 minutes
    Rieti to Amatrice 59.5 miles 2 hours 13 minutes
    Amatrice to Terni Scenic Drive 89.5 miles 2 hours 45 minutes
    Amatrice to Terni (Direct) (60.2 miles) (1 hour 31 minutes)
    Total: 480.6 miles 8 hours 47 min

    Day 1: Rome

    Road trip in Rome, Italy Road trip in Rome, Italy

    What to do in Rome

    Every year tourists from all over the world flock to the Italian capital to spend their well-deserved holiday. Begin your road trip in Rome by picking up your car hire from Fiumicino or Ciampino Airport. The historic city of Rome offers a wide range of activities and sightseeing attractions, for all tastes and ages, be it archaeological sites, modern architecture or culinary highlights.

    The events choice spans from enchanting operas to football matches at Olympia Stadium, with all of them promising an exciting time. Explore the original settlements on the Seven Hills of Rome, or take a stroll through the historic centre of the old town. The streets of Rome hide all kinds of surprises. The most popular are, without a doubt, the world famous sites such as Trevi Fountain, the ancient Pantheon, Forum Romanum, and the Colosseum.

    The eternal city is a paradise for art lovers. Rome is home to countless fascinating museums with thought-provoking exhibitions. Villa Borghese Gardens shows off an alluring mixture of art galleries, including the National Etruscan Museum in Villa Giulla and the National Gallery of Modern Art, all surrounded by the soothing atmosphere of parks and gardens.

    See the iconic Greek sculptures in the Capitoline Museums, pay a visit to the Palace of Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo, or the National Roman Museum at the Baths of Diocletian, which is located close to the Roma Termini railway station. When in Rome do not miss the opportunity to visit the Vatican Museum and its spectacular cathedrals and numerous awe-inspiring artworks.

    A tour through Rome is an experience of a lifetime.With the help of Auto Europe not only will you receive the best rates for a car hire in Rome but also a guide to this dynamic city!

    Where to eat in Rome

    There are countless cosy places for lunch or a drink with friends in the busy city centre of Rome. However, most tourists opt for the best local restaurants.

    Treat yourself and visit Ad Hoc, located within walking distance from Villa Borghese, and try out exquisite Italian delicacies, such as truffle. Book a table at Ristorante Crispi 19, situated a couple blocks away from the Trevi Fountain, and enjoy traditional Italian dishes made of locally grown food. The best pastas are served at Le Tavernelle restaurant, located close to the Forum Romanum. Make a stop at Lupigiada to relax and try out some fine wine.

    Restaurants in Rome count as a culinary highlight. Visitors can choose between numerous places and have a delicious Italian meal. When paying a visit to Pantheon, you should definitely stop by Likeat and try the best sandwiches in the city, at a good price. For a tasty, traditional Italian meal, head to La Pizzetteria. Vegetarians are invited to try out various dishes made of organic food at Buone Maniere. For dessert, we recommend Gelateria dei Gracchi, which serves temping treats. After a day filled with sightseeing attractions, if you are up to entertaining yourself, we suggest you to pay a visit to Il Baffo Della Gioconda with live samba music, dancing, and drinks.

    Restaurant/Bar Price Address
    Ad Hoc £££ Via Ripetta 43, 00186 Rom, IT
    Ristorante Crispi 19 ££££ Via Francesco Crispi 19, 00187 Rom, IT
    Le Tavernelle Restaurant £££ Via Panisperna 48, 00184 Rom, IT
    Lupigiada £££ Via Tor de Conti 15, 00184 Rom, IT
    Likeat £ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 310, 00186 Rom, IT
    La Pizzetteria £ Via Vestricio Spurinna 53, Angolo Farmacia Scribonio Curione, 00175 Rom, IT
    Buone Maniere ££ Via Tor de Schiavi 77/79, 00171 Rom, IT
    Gelateria dei Gracchi ££ Via di Ripetta 261, Piazza del Popolo, 00186 Rom, IT
    Il Baffo Della Gioconda ££ Via Degli Aurunci 40, 00185 Rom, IT
    Level Liquid and Sound Gallery £££ Vicolo del Fico 3, 00186 Rom, IT

    Where to stay in Rome

    Thanks to your car hire you are not limited to the city centre when it comes to hotels. A rental car provides you with flexibility and freedom on your travels. Stay away from clogged central streets and eternally occupied parking bays, and save by booking a hotel that is situated in a quiet location, such as the four star Park Hotel Serenissima in the Veio Park. Another hotel, worth recommending, is Excel Montemario, located within a short drive north from the Vatican. It offers modern rooms and great service. If you are willing to stay close to the city centre, check into the American Palace Eur.

    Diocletian and close to Rome Termini railway station. Some of the best restaurants and shops are within walking distance from here. At Palazzo Monte Resort and Spa, you will have the opportunity to relax at the swimming pool, sauna, and spa.

    Make the most of your journey in Italy with the car hire from Auto Europe. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom it gives you. To see the road trip route, click on the map below.

    Next stop: 2 hours and 1 minute

    Day 2: Rieti

    Road trip in Rieti, Italy Road trip in Rieti, Italy

    What to do in Rieti

    After enjoyable stay in Rome, begin your trip to the highlands of Sabina region and head to Rieti. Take in the impressive vistas of Marcigliana Nature Reserve and follow the winding Tevere River up north. This part of Italy is known for high quality olive oil products. Take advantage and stop at the farm stances to taste and buy some local olive oil products, which can be great souvenirs for your family and friends. On this route, you will be able to see the oldest Italian olive tree in Canneto, L'uliove. Thanks to your car hire in Italy, you will have the opportunity to stop at countless beautiful farms that you will pass along the route.

    For many Italians, the old capital of the lush Sabina region, Rieti, is considered to be the centre of the country. Here, you will have the opportunity to visit many of the sightseeing attractions of the region and nature fans will enjoy numerous hiking trails of Mount Terminillo. During winter, it is one of the best ski resorts in the region. The city itself is home to many monuments and historic sites. Nature reserves outside of Rieti offer an invitation for relaxing walks. The choice of activities is vast, regardless of wether you opt for sightseeing on foot or by car. Pay a visit to Rieti museum in the Palazzo Comunale town hall and learn about the rich history of the city. Take a stroll along the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and take in the stunning view of the city's area. With all Rieti's beauty, you wont want to leave this place. There are, however, many other attractions awaiting you on the route!

    Where to eat in Rieti

    To top your visit in Rieti, treat yourself with a delicious meal in the best local restaurants. Thanks to many farms in the region, restaurants always use the best fresh ingredients to prepare their meals. In the city centre, we recommend Cantina Centro Italia, offering traditional dishes at reasonable prices. The best seafood is served in Cantina Centro Italia, where you can sample delicious fresh fish and some fine wine. If you are up for a small meal, try out Da Antonietta or La Sosta, serving great food at affordable prices. The first is a great choice for home made pasta, the latter is your number one place for excellent pizza and other Italian delicacies.

    Make the most of your travels and visit places that are not reachable by means of public transport. Leave the centre of Rieti to dine at the best restaurants in the region. Il Nido del Corvo, in a little village Greccio, serves local Sabina cuisine, known for potato dumplings. Being located in the mountainous terrain, the restaurant offers also a great overview of the Rieti valley. If you are looking for a special atmosphere, choose La Foresta restaurant, located outside of the city centre, surrounded by emerald woodlands. Book a table at Restaurant Casale Di Villa Battistini to dine at an elegant venue, known for serving the best meals in the region.

    Restaurant/Bar Price Address
    Cantina Centro Italia ££ Via Dei Crispolti 68, 02100 Rieti, IT
    La Taverna del Capitano ££ Via della Cavatella 14, 02100 Rieti, IT
    Da Antonietta £ Via San Rufo 12, 02100 Rieti, IT
    La Sosta £ Via Luigi Cipriani 353, 02100 Rieti, IT
    Il Nido del Corvo £££ Via del Forno 15, 02040 Greccio, IT
    La Foresta ££££ Via Foresta 51, 02100 Rieti, IT
    Restaurant Casale Di Villa Battistini ££££ Via Tancia 38/D, Contigliano, 02043 Rieti, IT

    Where to stay in Rieti

    Rich in culture and wonderful landscapes, Rieti offers a great choice of accommodation options. Spend a night at one of the hotels in town and enjoy the surrounding countryside. Agriturismo Santo Pietro di Coltodino is a perfect place for family and offers stylish and elegant rooms with a wonderful view over the green valley. Another great option is the Park Hotel Villa Potenziani, located in lush woodlands near Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral. This place is not only a luxurious choice in splendid surroundings, it also offers a tennis court, sparkling pool and a rooftop terrace with a stunning view. Cheaper options include Serena hotel from which you can walk to Rieti's centre.

    Next stop: 1 hour and 48 minutes

    Day 3: Amatrice

    Road trip in Amatrice, Italy Road trip in Amatrice, Italy

    What to do in Amatrice

    The Lazio Sabina road trip takes you up north through the scenic countryside, where the tourists crowds are missing. Make stops and explore the area; Amatrice has a lot on offer. The fist part of this trip takes you to the the summit of Mount Terminillo. Here, you do not have to climb to take in the fantastic view from the summit. Drive to the lovely mountain town, Leonessa, and take a break there. This wonderful town is home to Middle-age churches, beautiful cathedrals and fascinating architecture. After the break in Leonessa, make your way to Albaneto, Posta, and Bacugno, with Amatrice as your end point. All these towns posses unique charm and culture. With a car hire from Rome, you can easily make day trips to local towns and explore the region your own way. For example, Pescara is only two hours drive away from Amatrice.

    Arrive at Amatrice and let it enchant your senses. Take a relaxing stroll through the town's streets, home to Gothic buildings and charming cafés. Stop at shops for Italian souvenirs. Head to Pro Loco di Amatrice for tourist information and sightseeing attractions in the area. Enjoy the wonderful nature surrounding Amatrice and go on a hike to Cerro Della Madonna Di Galloro Nature Reserve. Alternatively, take a short drive through the woodlands and hilly countryside around Amatrice.

    Where to eat in Amatrice

    Now, something for your body! Amatrice cuisine is known for locally grown potatoes, Patata di Leonessa. You are encouraged to try out various potato meals in the restaurants of Amatrice. Meet the friendly chef and owner at La Conca and sample local dishes made of fresh organic food. One of the most popular local restaurants, Ristorante Ma-Tru, is praised for its genuine Italian cuisine. The Il Gelatiere restaurant serves delicious desserts. These places are located in the centre of Amatrice. La Campagnola is a great alternative for lunch, with mouthwatering pizzas and pastas.

    Great restaurants with delicious meals are also found in the countryside of Amatrice. Try out local dishes at Agriturismo Piccolo Lago and enjoy a stunning view over Lake Scandarello. Take your family to Agriturismo La Grotta and try special recipes that are based on locally farmed food. The restaurant is situated in an actual cave and has a very special ambiance. Another good tip is Osteria da Bartasca, great for traditional pizza and pasta.

    Restaurant/Bar Price Address
    La Conca ££ Via della Madonnella 24, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    Ristorante Ma-Tru £££ Corso Umberto 7, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    Il Gelatiere ££ Piazza Cacciatori Del Tevere 17, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    La Campagnola £ Via Padre Minozzi 14, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    Agriturismo Piccolo Lago £££ Loc. Conche 22, Lago Scandarello, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    Agriturismo La Grotta £££ Via Principale 9, Fraz. Scai, 02012 Amatrice, IT
    Osteria da Bartasca ££ Via Sacco 2, Localita Santa Croce, 02010 Cittareale, IT

    Where to stay in Amatrice

    The centre of Amatrice is home to cosy boutique hotels. Book your room in Ristorante Roma which is the perfect spot for exploring the area. Antica Dimora is located in the centre in a rustic building and welcomes with its homey atmosphere. For something special, spend a night at the country mansion, Villa Sanguigni in Bagnolo, and revel in the romantic surrounding of pristine woodland hills.

    Next stop: 2 hours and 13 minutes

    Day 4: Terni

    Road trip in Terni, Italy Road trip in Terni, Italy

    What to do in Terni

    On your way from Amatrice to Terni you will pass through Lago di Campotosto Reserve and encounter untouched nature and a beautiful lake. Take a walk through the picturesque woods and swim in pristine waters. Take pleasure in communing with nature in this green oasis and take advantage of the local outdoor activities. Those visiting the region during winter should note that Gran Sasso d'Italia, the highest ski resort in the Apennines Mountains, is nearby!

    The Lazio Sabina road trip takes you through the winding motorway southbound to Arischia. Take the opportunity to visit the archaeological area of Amiternum and do not miss the L'aquila historic sites, such as Saint Bernardino basilica and the fountain of 99 Heads. This part of Abruzzo is home to numerous historic sites, ancient ruins, and castles. Therefore, plan your itinerary the way to make the most of your time in this region.

    Top your Sabina road trip off with a tour though Terni and revel in its Umbrian glory. Your sightseeing list should include the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre and the town walls surrounding Terni. The next attraction on your list is the stunning Basilica of St. Valentine. Drive a couple of miles outside of Terni and marvel at one of the tallest waterfalls in Europe, the Cascata delle Marmore, which falls 500 feet down. The waterfall was created by the ancient Romans to drain the surrounding wetlands. Head back to town and finish off your Umbrian day with a relaxing stroll through Piazza Tacito, and visit Terni Cathedral and Roman churches. The following day, you can make a trip to charming cities of Orvieto or Perugia.

    Where to eat in Terni

    The Sabina hills are home to famous specialities such as Pasta Amatriciana, pasta with a hearty sauce made from pecorino cheese and pork. Try it at one of the best restaurants in Terni. Dine at Ristorante La Terrazza and sample the best local dishes and enjoy a few drinks in a friendly and lively atmosphere. Head to The Fox to relax and have some gourmet pizza made with fresh organic products, or hop to Crespemania for classic Italian crepes with various delicious fillings. Modern La Cittia Vecchia with a charming ambience is a perfect place for a casual dinner. If you are up for a traditional Italian meal, stop at Pizzi Cotto. Both restaurants offer local dishes at reasonable prices.

    Make the most of your stay in Terni and be sure to have a traditional Italian dinner. Enjoy the pleasant ambience and friendly service at Oste della Mal'Ora. You will feel like a family member in no time! A fabulous selection of wine complements classic home-made dishes. Book a table in advance, as the place tends to be very busy especially during dinner time. Although the Umbria region is quite far from the sea, you will find splendid seafood served at L´Antico Borgo. For authentic Italian meals, head to Osteria Anfiteatro. All delicacies, from pizza to filet Rossini and fois gras are prepared by the top chefs in the region.

    Restaurant/Bar Price Address
    Ristorante La Terrazza £££ Piazza Dante 5, 05100 Terni, IT
    Pizzeria The Fox £ Piazza Briccialdi 2, 05100 Terni, IT
    Crepesmania £ Via Tiacci 12, 05100 Terni, IT
    La Citta Vecchia ££ Via D. Giannelli 81/83, 05100 Terni, IT
    Pizzi Cotto ££ Viale Rossini 69, 05100 Terni, IT
    Oste della Mal'ora £££ Via Tre Archi 5, 05100 Terni, IT
    L'Antico Borgo ££££ Via De Amicis 4, Frazione Papigno, 05100 Terni, IT
    Osteria Anfiteatro ££££ Piazza S. Giovanni Decollato 3/4, 05100 Terni, IT

    Where to stay in Salerno

    Thanks to a large choice of hotels and accommodation options in Terni, exploring Umbira is going to be an easy project. Situated in the centre of Terni, Best Western Garden hotel has parking places at its premises and offers comfortable rooms. If you are looking to a relaxing place, why not spend a night at the rustic vila Tenuta dei Ciclamini, with a wonderful view over the beautiful countryside.

    The untouched Umbrian nature is the best tourist attraction of the region. Make use of your car hire in Italy and drive to Hotel Del Lago, located on the picturesque Lake Piediluco, and allow yourself to enjoy nature at its best. If you are tight on your budget, Hotel Valentino and Hotel de Paris, both located in the centre of town, have some comfortable rooms on offer at affordable prices. Celebrate the last part of your road trip with delicious dinner and a glass of Italian wine, and endeavour at your travel experiences.

    Next stop: 2 hours and 45 minutes

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