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    Road Trip to Lake Garda

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    Road Trip around Lake Garda - Verona to Trento Itinerary

    During your next trip, you should treat yourself to one of the best tours of Lake Garda, with a number of exciting cultural and scenic impressions at one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy.

    Discover this extraordinary Italian region by driving on motorways along rocky coastlines and immerse yourself in the enchanting Italian landscape. You are in for a wonderful experience and your car rental grants you a lot of freedom and versatility. Our Road Trip around Lake Garda, through the Veneto, Lombardy and Trentino regions give you valuable tips and assists you with planning your trip.

    Your exciting Italy road trip starts the very moment you pick up your car hire in Verona, the city which will hopefully leave a lasting memory on you, being the very place where the most famous love story ever took place. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet have brought Verona world fame. Stroll through the enchanting gardens or along the historic streets dotted with quaint cafés and art galleries. Further west, relax at the south coast of the largest freshwater body of water in the country and visit the town of Brescia before setting off on a spectacular tour at Lake Garda.

    This road trip starts in the Veneto region and takes you along one of the most impressive routes worldwide. The motorway winds its way through the tunnels and along the cliffs with plenty of views of the lake and the surrounding Alps. There are fantastic opportunities for excursions, varied activities and sightseeing. With a car, you remain independent from any public transport and so have the opportunity to visit places that can only be reached by car. Plan your lake tour with one or two days in Trento and experience why travelling in a car rental guarantees more comfort and convenience for your Lake Garda holiday!

    Our team at Auto Europe has put together an easy-to-follow Lake Garda itinerary so you do not miss out on the best corners and the most beautiful places in Veneto during your holiday. Scroll down through the following sections to get an impression of what to expect in Italy . With our handy route maps, your travelling plan is made much easier! Plan your holidays with help from Auto Europe and enjoy your holidays to the fullest!

    Driving Itinerary Distance Driving Time
    Verona to Brescia Scenic Drive 89 miles 2 hours 57 minutes
    Verona to Brescia (direct) 43.5 miles 51 minutes
    Brescia to Limone sul Garda 43.2 miles 1 hour 30 Minutes
    Lake Garda Scenic Drive 32 miles 1 hour 22 minutes
    Limone sul Garda to Triento 49.4 miles 1 hour 43 minutes
    Total: 241.5 miles 7 hours 30 min

    Day 1: Verona

    Road trip in Verona, Italy Road trip in Verona Italy

    What to do in Verona

    The romantic surroundings of Verona, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet's city, offer a fascinating experience in the midst of Italian culture and the peaceful countryside of Veneto. Upon arrival at the airport Verona "Villafranca", you should allow yourself some time to get acquainted with some of the best attractions and to discover the rich heritage of this classic prestigious area before continuing your road trip to Verona. Test your knowledge of medieval history and visit the ancient Roman ruins, such as the amphitheatre and the arena, which were built in the first century AD. Even today, they regularly host opera performances. Admire the splendour of the former fort "Castelvecchio", which is now a museum, before visiting the Cathedral in Verona with sculptures, carvings, paintings and walls from the 8th century. If you are looking for a challenge, climb the 238 steps to the top of the icon of the Lamberti Tower. If you prefer to take it easy, just take the elevator. You will be rewarded with a breathtaking view from the highest point of the city. A lack of activities certainly does not apply in Verona and there is one you should not miss in any case: The Basilica of San Zeno provides an extensive collection of fantastic preserved works of art which can be dated thousands of years back in the past!

    A simple walk through the city of Verona will present you with the most beautiful attractions. Explore the city at your own pace and according to your taste. Stroll through the "Via Mazzini", Verona's wonderful shopping area with numerous designer shops. For lunch, or even just for an espresso in between, we recommend you Piazza Bra - Verona main square. Visit the location of the famous balcony scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, or experience your own Italian romance among the caves and in the gardens of Giardino Giusti. Dare to walk over the bridge to the fortress San Pietro, which is perched on a hill overlooking the city. Here you will enjoy the spectacular views, while the sun slowly sets behind the silhouette of the amorous cityscape. In only an hour's drive you can reach Venice.

    Where to eat in Verona

    The restaurants in Verona enchant you with a set of unique Veronese dishes. Grab the opportunity and try out the exceptional cuisine. When you visit the Cathedral of Verona, you should look for a coffee, milkshake or a lunch at Al Duomo. Various ice cream parlours and coffee bars offer the best coffee creations. L'Arte del Gelato has one of the best locations in the city centre. Go there for the creamy Italian delicacies after you have enjoyed a tasty meal at one of the city's famous restaurants. In La Vecia Mescola, the friendly staff invite you to enjoy the romantic atmosphere with a fabulous selection of local and imported wines. Among other delicacies, try the best pizza in town in Ghiotto Takeaway. Do you know the town whose famous pasta variety was allegedly modelled on the navel of the Roman goddess of love, Venus? In just over 1.5 hours drive you can reach Bologna, which has gained worldwide fame for its tortellini!

    A proud tradition of culinary excellence is reflected among the fine restaurants in this city. Travellers will be hardly disappointed when dining in some of the tastiest and finest restaurants in Verona. Indulge your passion for international cuisine at Borsari 36, which serves dishes from all around the world prepared by Michelin star chefs. If your taste is more oriented towards traditional cuisine, reserve a place at the Restaurant Il Desco. Here inventive creations of the freshest ingredients from the region are designed and complemented with a fine selection of wines and champagnes. If you want to play it safe and at the same time leave a lasting impression on your fellow passengers, you should definitely opt for one of the above restaurants.

    Restaurant/Bar Price Address
    Al Carro Armato £ Vicolo Gatto 2, 37121 Verona, IT
    Al Duomo ££ Via Duomo 7/a, 37100 Verona, IT
    L'Arte del Gelato ££ Via Cappello 10, 37121 Verona, IT
    La Vecia Mescola £££ Vicolo Chiodo 4, 37121 Verona, IT
    Ghiotto Take Away £ Via Giuseppe Cesare Abba 13/G, 37126 Verona, IT
    Borsari 36 ££££ Corso Porta Borsari 36, 37121 Verona, IT
    Restaurant Il Desco ££££ Via Dietro San Sebastiano 5/7, 37121 Verona, IT

    Where to stay in Verona

    In comparison with Venice, you will get a hotel room in Verona at a fantastic price. Especially in the high season you should book early enough, because in this period the hotels are booked up quickly in Verona. Alliance Hotel Verona is located near downtown. It offers comfortably furnished rooms, an on-site restaurant and bar and free parking. CTC Hotel Verona is only a short drive from the city centre. It is an affordable four-star residence and has two fantastic restaurants, if you prefer to have exquisite Italian cuisine close to your accommodation. If you want to explore the city, take a walk along Via Forte Tomba and reach the city centre in just a few minutes. If you are looking for a property that is located within a walking distance of all attractions in Verona and you do not want to blow up your budget, take a look at the Piccolo Verona, located in a tranquil garden with a cozy atmosphere. Alternatively, Hotel Italia offers charming classical ambiance and tastefully decorated rooms.

    Travellers wishing to indulge in the best selection of resorts and hotels in Verona, which go far beyond the necessary basic equipment for a night or two, will also be spoilt for choice. The first-class Hotel Due Torri is especially popular with opera singers for its luxurious accommodation and will delight even the most demanding guests with its elegant charm and unbeatable location in the old town. Hotel Gabbia D'Oro is located in a fantastic location right on the corner of Piazza delle Erbe and attracts travellers with its decadent and sophisticated styling and a romantic candle-lit terrace. It is located within walking distance of the most beautiful sights and the most popular culinary hotspots. Even if you do not want to invest a lot of money in your accommodation, you will find a great selection of wonderful boutique hotels in Verona!

    Next stop: 2 hours and 57 minutes

    Day 2: Brescia

    Road trip in Brescia, Italy Road trip in Brescia, Italy

    What to do in Brescia

    When travelling from Verona to the west, you will reach Brescia, the gate of picturesque Lake Garda! The city is famous for its strong production sector and also has an impressive list of buildings reflecting old Roman architecture. Take a drive through the city and explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Capitol and the Abbey of San Salvatore or enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the surrounding mountains of the Alps from the castle, Castello di Brescia. Visit the first skyscraper built in Italy at Piazza della Vittoria or discover ancient art and artefacts, including hundreds of Van Gogh's early works, in the Santa Giulia monastery. Dozens of public fountains and magnificent examples of Italian architecture are dotted throughout the city and are only a short stroll through the streets of Brescia away.

    Although Brescia's popularity has increased among tourists in recent years, the city has always been an original source of the authentic Italian way of life. If you make a road trip to Brescia in May, you should use the opportunity to participate (rather passively as a spectator) in the infamous Mille Miglia road race. Once upon a time it was a speed race famous for its thrills and danger. Nowadays it is rather a demonstration of fine vintage cars spanning over a total distance of 1,000 miles. If car races arouse your interest less, you have the option to go hiking outside the city and marvel at the fantastic scenery in the foothills of the Alps or continue your trip along the spectacular eastern shore of Lake Garda. Visit Sirmione and the Grotte di Catullo - ancient Roman ruins, located on a beautiful peninsula. The only access to the historic ruins consists of a drawbridge at the Scaliger Castle originating from the 13th century.

    Once you have completed your trip planning, Auto Europe will help you to book the guaranteed best low price for your car hire in Brescia.

    Where to eat in Brescia

    The restaurants in Brescia offer a varied choice of local culinary tradition. To sample some of the authentic Brescian dishes, book a table at Osteria Vecchio Botticino and try Casoncelli with Burro Versato, Tortellini with ground beef and sage butter in parmesan. At Amarcord Piadineria Artigianale or Zio's Pizza Brescia have a quick but rich lunch. You can take a well-deserved break from sightseeing right here. Agora Café serves excellent paninis and delicious espresso.

    In Brescia you will find not only restauranst with typical Italian cuisine but also refined culinary experiments. Treat yourself to a romantic dinner at La Trattoria dal 1960, or to mouthwatering seafood at Officina del Mare. Ristorante Castello Malvezzi has menus with multiple dishes on offer and food prepared with regional produce. Are you lookign for the ultimate dessert? No problem! Have some ice-cream at Gelateria Prima O Poi, highly praised as the best ice-cream in the city.

    Restaurant/Bar Price Address
    Osteria Vecchio Botticino £££ Piazzale Arnaldo 6, 25121 Brescia, IT
    Amarcord Piadineria Artigianale ££ Via F. Ili Ugoni 16/A, 25100 Brescia, IT
    Zio's Pizza Brescia £ Via Rodolfo Psaro 23, 25128 Brescia, IT
    Agora Cafe ££ Via dei Musei 75, 25121 Brescia, IT
    La Trattoria dal 1960 £££ Via Milano 55, 25124 Brescia, IT
    Officina del Mare ££££ Via Indipendenza 23, 25135 Brescia, IT
    Ristorante Castello Malvezzi £££ Via Colle S. Giuseppe 1, 25133 Brescia, IT
    Gelateria Prima o Poi ££ Via Vittorio Veneto 49/A, 25128 Brescia, IT

    Where to stay in Brescia

    Although the area is not deemed to be the primary tourist destination, Brescia has several well-known hotels from which you can set off to explore the charming old town during your stay. Hotel Cristallo offers simple but elegant family-friendly accommodation at a great price considering its central location. Just a stone's throw away you will find the Piazza Loggia and the Santa Giulia Museum. Budget travellers should definitely check the Quality Hotel Continental Brescia or the Best Western Brescia. If you want to stay in style, Hotel Ambasciatori is certainly ideal for you. It features an elegant ambience and a wide range of rooms. The beautiful location is in the immediate vicinity of a park and you can reach the historic city centre in only a few minutes on foot.

    If you explore Italy with a rental car, you remain flexible regarding the choice of your hotel and its location. Driving a car hire in Italy enables you to enjoy picturesque and quiet accommodation in less densely populated areas outside the city. How about a trip to nearby Bergamo? Avoid the busy city centre and have a drink at Hotel Ulivi, set among the rolling hills of the countryside on the beautiful shores of Lake Iseo, if you prefer a peaceful harmony with nature.

    Here you have easy access to the natural beauties of the region and it is the ideal base for exploring Lake Garda. Indulge your senses with a massage on the northern shore of Lake Iseo at Lovere Resort & Spa. In the summer, the hotel is a good choice for golfers and in winter it is extremely popular with skiers. In the many small villages in the area there are numerous cozy bed and breakfast guesthouses in the midst of the two lakes near Brescia - Lake Iseo and Lake Garda.

    Next stop: 1 hour and 30 minutes

    Day 3: Limone sul Garda

    Road trip in Limone sul Garda, Italy Road trip in Limone sul Garda, Italy

    What to do in Limone sul Garda

    A short drive north of Brescia along the west coast of Lake Garda, you will be rewarded with an impressive view of the most beautiful roads of Italy. Take a break in one of the many lakeside towns and let yourself be captivated by Italian culture. Explore Salo, Limone and Riva del Garda. If you like to be active, grab your mountain bike or hike along the many lovely paths surrounded by the hills and mountains surrounded with views of the coast of the Italian Lake Garda. Hire a boat or kayak or try your hand at riding in the Alto Garda Bresciano National Park. Are you looking for adventure? Windsurfing is one of the main water sports activities on Lake Garda. Windsurfing lessons are offered in most coastal towns.

    Check out the impressive botanical gardens in Toscolano Maderno or take the ferry to Torri del Benaco and explore the east coast of Lake Garda. Ferries are a popular means of transport among the many beautiful coastal resorts on Lake Garda. We suggest making a roadtrip to Limone sul Garda. During your stay in Limone, you can take a ferry to Malcesine or the cable car to the peaks of Mount Baldo and there marvel at the panoramic view of the entire region.

    Every single place around the lake has its own unique charm. Tour along the coast of Lake Garda with a car hire in order not to miss any of these highlights.

    Where to eat in Limone sul Garda

    Surrounded by the natural splendour and conveniently located between Venice and Milan, the holiday resorts on Lake Garda are always very popular with tourists. One of the main reasons is the high-quality cuisine, which can be found mainly in restaurants in Limone. At the restaurant Al Vecchio Fontec, you will get excellent Italian cuisine with fresh seafood. Paired with a varied selection of wines and a stunningly picturesque surroundings, this will be a first-class culinary experience. Reserve a table at Restaurant Monte Baldo and try something from the exquisite menu full of local produce and meat from the region. Prepared by Michelin chefs in a stylish environment, you can enjoy your meal with an unsurpassed view. Are you planning a trip for the whole family? At Restaurant Tovo you will be more than welcome. The cordial staff serve generous portions of homemade pasta and authentic Italian dishes in Tovo. For the best pizza in the area go back to Limone to one of the best pizzerias. For a quick lunch and typical Italian coffee be sure to pay a visit to the bar Al Molo.

    The wide range of fabulous restaurants can be best explored with a car hire from Lake Garda. A sophisticated dinner in a cozy yet stylish ambience can be enjoyed at La Tortuga. Extremely exquisite specialities, which can be ideal for a special occasion or a romantic evening. If you are feeling peckish and are looking for a cheap snack, visit the Mordimi panineria and try a typical Italian pizza sandwich with a filling of your choice! For a very tasty dessert, return to Cristallo Caffe Gelateria - the perfect complement to a wonderful lunch or dinner.

    Restaurant/Bar Price Address
    Al Vecchio Fontec £££ Via Corda 21, 25010 Limone sul Garda, IT
    Restaurant Monte Baldo ££££ Via Porto 27/29, 25010 Limone sul Garda, IT
    Restaurant Tovo ££ Via Tamas 17, 25010 Limone sul Garda, IT
    Bar Al Molo £ Via Porto 11, 25010 Limone sul Garda, IT
    La Tortuga £££ Via Parrocchiale 50, 25015 Rivoltella, Desenzano del Garda, IT
    Mordimi Panineria £ Via Pasitea 242, 84017 Positano, IT
    Cristallo Caffe Gelateria ££ Piazza Catena 17, 38066 Riva del Garda, IT

    Where to stay in Limone

    The hotels around Lake Garda offer a wide range of amenities. You will find everything your heart desires here - from free bike rentals to spa treatments. Spend a night on the shore of the lake at the Lido Hotel. An indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and spa treatments are included in the hotel offer. Moreover, everything is just a short walk from the city centre. You may get a bargain deal at Hotel Florida or Hotel Coste, both ideally located in the city centre and with comfortable rooms offered at a reasonable price.

    If you spare no expense, we recommend the five-star Park Hotel Imperial. Immerse yourself in serenity in the form of a decadent spa centre surrounded by panoramic views, restaurants, and bars.

    Since a car rental in Italy will provide you with flexibility, you should take the opportunity and explore the fantastic hotels around the lake. Will you be travelling in a group? In this case the accommodation in a villa will be the perfect accommodation for your needs. Ville Montefiori Lake Garda offers three modern villas overlooking the lake at reasonable prices, while the Villa Luisa Resort is ideal as a base for hiking and cycling in a quiet, rural location amidst beautiful olive groves and vineyards. In Toscolono Madero, Hotel Eden is in close proximity to the ferry terminal, the harbour and the promenade. To save money, you can immerse yourself in one of the many Riva del Garda campsites situated fully in nature. No matter where you want to be in the vicinity of the beautiful Lake Garda, this holiday will most certainly be a memorable one!

    Next stop: 1 hour 22 minutes

    Day 4: Salerno

    Road trip in Salerno, Italy Road trip in Salerno, Italy

    What to do in Salerno

    Drive along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, through the Mediterranean villages and you will arrive in the historical town of Salerno. Before you reach the town, you can go for a swim on the Maiori beach, in the middle of the coastal cliffs, visit peaceful Praiano, and discover the charming fishing village of Cetara. Drive your car hire in Salerno on the road near the coast and experience one of the most beautiful drives of your life. Many of the twists and turns of this route offer cultural and architectural surprises, waiting to be discovered by you. Enjoy your time in Salerno - you are sure to have a memorable stay!

    The town of Salerno is located at the eastern end of the Amalfi Coast and has its own unique historical charm. Don't miss the Duomo de Salerno cathedral and stand in awe of the medieval Italian architecture that surrounds you. The streets of Salerno are filled with cafes and shops, and when you wander through the promenade, time flies. Try one of the boat tours offered in Salerno, and continue your road trip to Salerno on the water!

    Where to eat in Salerno

    There's one thing we can promise you: the choice of good restaurants in Salerno is enormous. Unfortunately we can only introduce you to a handful of them here.

    Good pizza can be found almost anywhere in Italy. But in Salerno, you can find some of the best pizza in the whole country. Visit Pulecenella Pizzeria or Pizzeria Trattoria da Riccardo for a delicious pizza at a very reasonable price. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a wonderful dinner, La Botte Pazza is your best bet, as generous portions are served with good wine. Ylas Creperie Gastronomia offers a large variety of crepe specialities, with something for all tastes.

    Salerno is also a great destination for a culinary adventure. At Botteghelle 65, you will be met by a lovely rustic atmosphere as well as fresh ingredients in all the offered dishes. There is no set menu here, as all ingredients are freshly sourced from the surrounding region, and dishes are prepared according to what ingredients are in season at the time. Fish and seafood lovers will be impressed by what is on offer at L'Unico, where visitors will be convinced of the owners' passion for seafood not only because of the quality of the dishes, but also the wonderful furnishings. An elegant setting, great food and friendly waiting staff await the patrons of Ristorante Cicirinella.

    Restaurant/Bar Price  Address
    Pulecenella Pizzeria £ Via Case Rosse 88, Fuorni, 84131 Salerno, IT
    Pizzeria Trattoria da Riccardo £ Calata S. Vito 97, 84126 Salerno, IT
    La Botte Pazza £££ Vicolo Giovanni Ruggi 3, Piazza Portanova, 84100 Salerno, IT
    Ylas Creperie & Gastronomia ££ Via Luigi Guercio 86/88, 84134 Salerno, IT
    Botteghelle 65 £££ Via Botteghelle 65, 84121 Salerno, IT
    L'Unico ££££ Largo san Giorgio 14, Via Duomo, 84121 Salerno, IT
    Ristorante Cicirinella ££££ Via Antonio Genovesi, 84121 Salerno, IT

    Where to stay in Salerno

    When you book a hotel room in Salerno, you will have more time to see the local attractions and sights. Hotel Grand Salerno offers a modern and stylish interior and is based right by the water. You can reach numerous restaurants and bars with just a few minutes' walk. For budget-conscious travellers, who nevertheless want to remain comfortable, we recommend Novotel Salerno Est. Arechi. This charming and family-friendly hotel is only a short drive away from the centre of town, and offers guests a free W-LAN connection, a swimming pool indoors and outdoors, and a playground for children. You can experience an exceptional stay at Villagio Tabu, located in Cilento National Park and surrounded by olive trees.


    Next stop: 1 hour and 28 min

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