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    Convertible Car Hire with Auto EuropeAuto Europe offers car hire services in over 20,000 locations worldwide. Among various vehicles available for rent on our website, Convertible cars are a very popular rental choice in sunny destinations such as Miami, Cannes or Barcelona. Feel invited to read through our page to find the convertible car hire you are looking for! Hire a Convertible car with Auto Europe for a perfect summer holiday!

    Convertible rental from Auto Europe

    We have partnered with the best international and local suppliers to provide our clients with top cars and a high level of customer service. The Convertible fleet includes a variety of car brands and models, from the casual Fiat 500 Cabriolet to the legendary Ferrari 458 Spider.

    Depending on your pick-up destination, different models will be available for rent. We are there for you 7 days a week under a toll-free number to assist you with your booking. Do not hesitate to call us. We will help you find the vehicle you are looking for!

    No other vehicle allows you to experience driving in the way a Convertible car does. Enjoy the ultimate driving experience in one of the sports cars from our prestige fleet.

    As luxury vehicles, Convertible cars usually come with equipment of a high standard allowing you to travel comfortably and stay safe on the road.

    Although Convertible rentals require you to spend more, we assure you this money will be well spent. Driving a Mustang on California's sunny roads is a priceless experience!

    Example models

    Convertible cars vary depending on your rental destination. In the USA, for example, Chrysler Sebrings or Ford Mustangs are very popular. To find out what Convertibles are available in a given destination, simply fill in your rental dates on our booking engine.

    Pick-up possibilities

    The most popular pick-up locations are at the airports, where you can rent a car directly after you land. Additionally, you can also pick up your car from the city centre, a railway station or a hotel. Selected suppliers can even deliver your Convertible to your home so that you can start your holiday right at your doorstep.

    As there are different models available depending on your pick-up location, when looking to hire a car in the Convertible category, first fill in your rental dates and see which models are displayed. These vehicles are often "on request", which means they first need to be confirmed with a local supplier. Thanks to our luxury suppliers, it is now possible to book a specific model! Check our booking engine for more information or call our toll-free line 0800 358 1229.


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