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    Car hire in Arrecife through Auto Europe

    Explore the vibrant and stunning city while using your car hire in Arrecife . With pick up points at over 24,000 locations worldwide and a vast amount of cars to suit all needs. Auto Europe gives you the flexibility and ease to do your journey your way and make the most of your travel time. It is the ideal way to guarantee the best prices and award winning customer service.

    Arrecife is a beautiful city located in Lanzarote. With many wonderful scenic views, tranquil beaches and stunning architecture you are sure to enjoy your stay here. With a rich heritage and interesting history such as the volcanoes and lava tubes, charming seaside towns and lagoons there is plenty to see on your journey here. Or why not pick up one of our car hires in the nearby Fuerteventura if you’re not short of time on your visit.

    How is the traffic in Arrecife?

    Traffic in Arrecife can be quite simple to navigate provided you’re aware of and stick to the rules of the road for the area. Be aware that the area is made up of many one way streets that can be challenging to navigate, so it is best to plan your journey previous so as not to get caught in a difficult area. Be sure not to take your rent a car in Arrecife along unpaved roads. The same driving rules apply as in Spain, driving is on the right side of the road meaning roundabouts are anticlockwise. Speed limit and road signs are very clear and easy to understand. Issues with driving in Arrecife are that many people are distracted by the scenery but are unable to stop for a better look. Please be aware of this to avoid causing traffic congestion which may lead to others attempting to overtake your vehicle. For more information on driving in Spain check our page.

    Where can I park my car hire in Arrecife?

    There are several pay and display car parks or blue line parking bays in and around Arrecife more so around the main Avenida de las Playas in Puerto del Carmen. There is also open air parking located on the sea front opposite the police station which is 1 euro for a full day. Alternatively you can park next to the Charco San Gines or along the beach by the bus station. You can also park your car hire in Arrecife under the grand hotel. As you can see the hotel from anywhere in town you’re sure to easily find your car again later.

    Arrecife airport

    Lanzarote Airport serves Lanzarote located in the Canary Islands. The airport is found in San Bartolome in Las Palmas around 3 miles from Arrecife. With two terminals for both domestic and international flights it passes through around 7.3 million passengers annually.

    Lanzarote Airport
    Phone: (+34) 91 321 10 00
    Address: Apartado de Correos 86 35500 Arrefice de Lanzarote, Las Palmas.
    Airlines operating at Lanzarote airport: Aer Lingus, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, American Airlines, Binter Canarias, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Canarias Airlines, Canaryfly, Condor, Czech Airlines, Easyjet, Edelweiss Air, Etihad Airways, Iberia, Iberia Express, Jet2, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Latam Airlines, Laudamotion, Luxair, Norwegian Air, Qatar Airways, Ryanair, Smartlynx Airlines, Smartwings, Sunexpress, Deutschlands, Swiss, Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, Transavia, Travel Service Polska, TUI Airways, TUI Fly Belgium, TUI Fly, Volotea, Vueling.

    What to do in Arrecife

    • Castillo de san Gabriel: The Castillo san de Gabriel is known as the fortress of Arrecife, surrounded by small beaches and located on a tiny island named Islote de los Ingleses. It was originally a wooden structure but proved insufficient for defence purposes when burnt down by pirates. It was replaced by a stone castle in the 16th century and named a national historical monument in 1972. You can now cross the bridge on foot or via car. If travelling on foot you can cross the drawbridge which is guarded by 2 canons, the only one of its kind in the Canary Islands. It is known as Puente de las Bolas and from here you can witness stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and also visit the ethnographic museum.

    • Charco san Gines: Is a natural seawater lagoon also named “the puddle” surrounded by stunning fisherman cottages and with a stunning scenic view, often referred to as the “Venice of the Atlantic”. It first emerged around 6 centuries ago, in the 1400’s and was a natural fishing port due to natural barrier assisting the fishing boats with their entry and exits, some of which are now anchored on the beautifully aquamarine waters. The Charco grew and eventually became the main port for transporting provisions and goods around the island. Today it is an area full of bars and restaurants, palm trees, small bridges and souvenir shops which sit around the natural lagoon and they also host a Saturday market for Canarian delicacies.

    • Arrecife Shipwreck: The Telamon shipwreck of Lanzarote sank on the 31st October 1981 when it was carrying tropical tree trunks from the Ivory Coast to Thessaloniki when it came in distress during the tropical storm Joseph. It struck a leak and was unable to return to float, it was then towed to the position it is today. The rear is visible to be seen but the sunken parts are also popular with keen divers. You can view the ship while walking along the coastal path from Costa Teguise to Arrecife.

    • Arrecife Carnival: The carnival itself only runs at certain times of the year but if you are visiting during these periods it is an occasion not to be missed. It is very popular with the locals as a large and animated fiesta which includes parades and the “Burning of the Sardine”, Carnivals, Piñata’s and a tapas fair.

    • Lava Fields: Lanzarote is often described as the “island of fire” due to the many active volcanoes, making a lot of the land far too hot to walk on or touch. in the 18th century a huge volcanic eruption caused around a third of the island to be covered in thick black lava and a blanket of ash, turning what can only be described as paradise into a barren land known as “Timanfaya National Park”. The more adventurous tourists can enjoy hikes along the paths through the volcanic ruins or go across the dunes by camel, but alternatively you can take a bus tour named the “Lunar Route” through the still burning lava fields.

    Best day trips with my car rental in Arrecife

    There are several interesting and fun day trips you can take in and around Arrecife. Why not take a trip down the coast while you’re there? Alternatively other day trips are;

    El Golfo

    El Golfo is a tiny seaside village most notably known for its fresh fish delicacies cooked and enjoyed while overlooking the sea. It is home to a number of houses and restaurants as well as a souvenir shop and ice cream parlour. It is also famous for its stunning green lagoon known as Charco de los Clicos which was created after one of the volcanoes was eroded over time, leaving the lagoon in its wake.

    Papagayo Beaches

    The Papagayo beaches are a collection of beaches located inside Los Ajaches Natural Park, famous in Spain for being some of their best and most intimate beaches. Playa de las Mujeres is one of the largest beaches with high cliffs that can be climbed, allowing you to view the other beaches around the area. Playa de la Cera is one of the smaller beaches with tiny coves tucked between the cliffs and also well known as a nudist hotspot further down the beach. During low tides you can walk along the shores to get to Playa de las Ahogaderas and Playa de las Coloradas beaches by climbing the rocks that separate them. Papagayo beach itself is known as the most beautiful, it is a more sheltered beach with high cliffs secluding from the strong winds. At one time the beach was a very secret spot but has since become more popular with tourists.

    Los Hervideros

    Los Hervidos is a stunning coastal area with a beautiful blue sky as well as huge waves and view of the lava and volcanoes. As well as numerous underwater caves creating a labyrinth which becomes flooded by the crashing waves of the beautiful deep blue sea? These were formed by the erosion of the volcanoes and the hot lava meeting the cold sea and quickly cooling. It is a stunning place to be at the full moon to view the waves crashing against the cliffs.

    Caves at La Cueva de los Verdes

    The caves are a lava tube around 6km long, flowing towards the sea located in a protected area of the Monumento Natural del Malpaís de La Corona. The caves were formed around 4000 years ago after a lava eruption and are a very popular tourist attraction. The caves were previously used as a place of refuge for people attempting to hide from pirate attacks. You are not permitted to enter the caves yourself but can take a guided tour which is around 1 hour long. During this tour you will visit around 1km of the tunnel as some sections are still volcanic or underwater.

    Geographic information and history

    Arrecife is home to the largest coral structure on the gulf of Mexico which has been built by the calcification of overlapping colonies spanning over thousands of years. It is an important cultural heritage due to the buildings, lighthouse and stranded boats which are seen as historical monuments. Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote and dates as far back as around the 15th century when it was nothing but a small fishing settlement. The name given refers to the volcanic reefs which boats would hide behind to protect them from pirate attacks. In the 16th century it began to grow so there was a demand for accommodation and warehousing. The growth of the town made it a target for pirates and in 1571 was plundered almost destroying the small port town. The Castillo de san Gabriel was then constructed in 1574 but was attacked and forced to be rebuilt, along with building the Castillo de San Jose in around 1771. Threat of sea raids lessened in around the 19th century when Arrecife began to thrive. It is the most populated city on the island with almost 60,000 inhabitants. The city contains fishing ports and main ports for commerce and cruises. The first sea water desalination plant became operational in Arrecife in 1964 and ran until around 2010.

    How to get around Arrecife

    There are numerous modes of transport in and around Arrecife, find some options below;

    Car Rental

    To have a car rental in Arrecife is a benefit as it is often cheaper to rent a car for the whole week rather than pay to travel to and from the airport as well as public transport. You can also plan your journey around how your feeling each day and what you would like to see rather than being booked onto back to back group tours and won’t be restricted by public transport.


    Taxis can be beneficial as they allow you to go to places public transport won’t take you and removes the stresses of you trying to navigate making them very convenient. There are many taxis in Arrecife which you can either flag down or arrange a pickup from a designated area. The drivers use a metre to calculate fare and there are additional costs for luggage, bank holidays and journeys after midnight.


    Buses in Arrecife are reliable and convenient and perfect for exploring the island. You can purchase tickets from the bus station or from the driver on any Intercity bus. Check the Intercity bus page for routes and timetables from the airport and at the several different points of the island.


    You can travel via ferry to explore the rest of the canary islands. There are several different companies which operate on different routes, numerous times a day so you can go further on your journey. Please check with your car rental company first to be sure you are allowed to take your car rental in Arrecife on a ferry journey.

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