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    Car Hire in Beauvais with Auto Europe

    A city founded in 1701, with buildings and castles which date back as early as 1004 and still standing to date present, which have now became a monumental icon for the history of this town. Beauvais has an abundance of history to explore and let your mind soak up the architectural magnificence displayed all around you in the buildings. Exploring the city with Auto Europe making your journey into the history of Beauvais easy and manageable, drive from the La Cathedrale Saint-Pierre to the Le Quadrilatere to view the gothic structure and treasures hidden behind the walls of this building. See for yourself some of the amazing tapestry, local history and pottery at this venue. There is so much to do and so much to learn on a day visit in Beauvais. The town is the capital of the Oise department and is located roughly about 55 miles from central Paris. A car hire in Beauvais with the assistance of Auto Europe is the ideal way to explore the city making life easier for you to travel from site to site getting the chance to witness some of the most iconic sites in Beauvais make this the beginning of a trip of a lifetime visiting other amazing cities around such as Paris.

    How is the traffic in Beauvais?

    Beauvais is a busy tourist hot spot of a city, thousands flock to this city to be mesmerized by the darkly gothic styled buildings at some sense quite psychedelic to look at. It is best to travel after peak hours which are 7am till 10am and 3pm till 6pm, public transport is widely available throughout the city from trams, trains and buses. If you wish to travel to quite a few different sites on a day trip it is best to hire a car, it is also best advised to check with local operators about their rules and regulations on age requirements for car rentals. For more information about how to drive in Beauvais click here.

    Where can I park my car hire in Beauvais?

    Beauvais central parking has been made easier for day to day visitors giving you savings of up to 70% on pre booked daily car parking. The city also offers city parking spots which can booked confirmed and cancelled if need be all as simple as by the click of a button. The local governing bodies are trying to make parking cars as easy as possible so it helps to attract more visitors with less worries about parking their cars in a busy state city.

    Beauvais Airport

    Beauvais Tille Airport is mainly used for chartered and low cost airlines handling just short of 4 million passengers every year. The airport is situated approximately 3 miles from the centre of Beauvais, with regular public transport available to all over the city of Beauvais. You can also alternatively rent a car in Beauvais through one of the many associates of Auto Europe based in and around the airport.

    Beauvais Airport (BVA)
    Official Name: Aéroport Paris Beauvais Tille
    Address: Route de l’aéroport, 6000. France
    Telephone: +33 892 68 20 66

    What to do in Beauvais

    Beauvais is a wonderful city with a variety of gothic styled churches and museums to visit. Some of the museums have relics on display from the Roman era and even go back further in time with the Tapestry on display showing the artistic and creativeness, certain museums have Tapestry classes teaching you how to become a master at this art in simple methods.

    • Mudo – Oise Musuem: The Bishops palace turned in to a public museum, walk through the corridors of this palace viewing some important artifacts from the history of this palace and the reason behind why it was built. The collections include art work from the famous Thomas Couture. This museum has a number of artifacts dating back well before world war 11, this is an absolute educational and historical treasure hidden in the north of France.

    • Beauvais Cathedral: Once again an amazing architectural beauty styled in a jaw dropping gothic exterior and interior, be ready to be blown away with the beauty and history of this building, work started on this building as early as 1225 and was finally completed around 1573 after what they called a disastrous spate of bad luck throughout the years of constructional work. A must see is the great astronomical clock a masterpiece of hard work and intelligence created this symbolic icon.

    • Aviation Musuem: Based exactly 3.2 miles from Beauvais the museum specializes in a collection of the aviation and airmen involved in the second world war, the museum has been opened to the public since 1995 and is a must to visit a family day out packed full of facts and memorabilia from all the service men and women. There is over 1000 genuine authentic artifacts available at the museum for you to view and take in the bravery of these men and women who served in the second world war. Make it a day to remember and once you have soaked up the amazing features at the museum take yourself to the live music lounge and grand buffet which is all a part of the experience visiting the Aviation Museum.

    • Parc Saint Paul: Situated about 4 miles from the city of Beauvais a hub of excite for the whole family, after taking in all the beautiful museums and churches around Beauvais how about you let your hair down and get thrill seeking at this amazing theme park, with over 40 different attractions scattered all over this park you will be spoilt for choice. If you are feeling daring try the Extreme Descent ride or maybe something a little subtle like the Mississippi Boat which takes you on a peaceful crossing on the lake which lasts up to 20 minutes.

    Best day trips with my car rental in Beauvais

    Auto Europe has put together some amazing sites for you to visit with your car hire in Beauvais. If carefully planned you can visit most of these sites in a day and enjoy the historical beauty of Beauvais.

    Saint Leger – Parc Animalier

    A perfect day trip with the family only a 15 minute drive from the centre of Beauvais visit Parc Saint leger a local zoo which holds over 150 different species of animals, a fun fuelled day out seeing the king of the jungle one of many lions being fed by the keepers, or go and hold a full size python at the snake centre situated within Parc Saint Leger. A venue full of nature’s beauties from cuddly baby lambs to deadly tigers a day out here will keep you all reminiscing about your visit One of nature’s beauties you have to visit and see for yourself.

    Tour Boileau

    Visit the iconic medieval defense system built around 1489, this defense system was built to keep Beauvais safe. Book a day trip online to visit and be a part of this historical trophy of a building, taking a walk through some of the museums displaying arts, and technical sciences some of the displayed material will have you mesmerized. If you are visiting in peak season you may be lucky enough to take part in one many festivals held at the Tour Boileau, from the Autumn Tales Festival to the Malice and Wonders, you will thoroughly enjoy your day out at Tour Boileau.

    Chateau de troissereux

    A magical and enchanting feeling when you enter the Castle of Troisseruex standing from the 7th century a iconic statement of the rich and powerful in the 7th century will leave you breathless. Still lived in today and many parts have been renovated but will still give you the eerie feeling of living in a castle full of long corridors and spiraled staircases, the stone built building will make you feel enchanted in the history of those who lived here in the early 7th and 8th century, even Julius Ceaser quoted on how beautiful this building was and the magical surroundings and ambience of the river which runs beside the castle and the forest which sits neatly behind the castle.

    Church of Saint Etinne

    The church dates back to the 12th century, mainly built in the Romanesque styled architecture, the tainted glass and iconic gothic features saved this church from being destroyed in past wars as everyone adored the hard work and talented workmanship which had gone in to creating such a religious masterful beauty of a building.

    Autrement Restaurant

    If you are a lover of fine dining put this venue on your to do list and experience the michellin starred chefs rustle you up an amazing mouthwatering meal, let Chef Eric Minart make your visit worth it. The restaurant is based roughly 2 miles from the centre of Beauvais, after a day out sightseeing this would be the perfect ending to a magical day.

    Geographical Information and history

    The city gained its name after the Bellovacii tribe around the early 10th century and was then given to the Bishops of Beauvais. The main historical feature of this city was the Tapestry industry which in effect is still alive and running in certain parts of Beauvais, the importance of religious buildings around Beauvais has now become one of the main attraction points in this city from mind blowing gothic themed churches to still operational castles especially the cathedral of Saint Peter the unfinished structure is breathe taking, a city ravaged by many wars in the past centuries which add to the magnificent infrastructure of Beauvais, a mind blowing city full of historical buildings and museums displaying artifacts which will have your knowledge bubbling with excitement.

    The best time to visit Beauvais would be between May and September as you can enjoy the lush weather which will play hand in hand with your venture into this city.

    How to get around Beauvais

    Central Beauvais offers a wide range of transportation, around the city for your day trips. Taxis and buses are widely available throughout the city, you even have the option of renting a bike and riding around some of the monuments scattered around the city at your own leisure. Car rental in Beauvais might be the best option as you are in control of where you want to go and you might want to plan your day trip at your won leisurely pace so hiring a car in Beauvais might be the perfect solution for your visit with the help of Auto Europe or if you are feeling a little adventurous take a drive to the beautiful city of Bordeaux.


    Local buses are widely available throughout the city and are easily accessible to take you from site to site, bus tops are spread out on most main roads around the city and cannot be missed, unlike the main city of Paris the buses in Beauvais only except cash so make sure you have your euros on the ready.


    Taxis are a little more on the expensive side of public transport, so you may wish to avoid this means of transport as the drivers have set charge rates and are do not barter with their set pricing.


    In this part of the country you are spoilt for choice as you may join a bike tour where a group of you will get taken around major sites around Beauvais or your secondary option is for you to rent a bike and roam around the amazing city soaking up the historical cultural.

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