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    Car hire in Marseille at the best prices

    As one of the oldest cities in Europe and the second largest city in France, Marseille has a wealth of evident history along with many modern exciting places to see and things to do. Marseille is recognised for its wide variety of cultures. It is the largest city in the Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur, situated on the Mediterranean coast. Nestled between the mountains and sea, you will find Marseille completely breathtaking. Marseille is the leading cruise Port in France which is between two forts, Saint Nicolas and Saint Jean.

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    The centre of Marseille is full of narrow one-way streets and lots of lane changes which can prove challenging for visitors. Drivers do not always follow the traffic regulations and you will hear the horn being used regularly. Marseille is well connected to the rest of France by numerous motorways. These motorways often have tolls, but they are fast and practical if you want to get somewhere without driving through all the small villages. You can drive your car rental to Paris from Marseille in 8 hours or Nice in 2 hours. For more information on your car hire in Marseille, have a look at our information page.


    Parking in Marseille, as in any older city, is difficult as the streets are narrow and were not built for cars. There are approximately 1000 parking spaces in 15 parking lots throughout the city. Therefore, If possible, for your car rental in Marseille, try and leave your car outside the city and use the public transport when visiting the city centre.

    Marseille Airport

    Marseille Airport or the AĆ©roport de Marseille Provence is about 17 miles north-west from the city of Marseille in the area known as Marignane. The closest airports to Marseille airport are Toulon- Hyeres Airport and Avignon-Cauont Airport. Marseille airport is the 5th busiest airport in France and is also a hub for Air France.

    Telephone: +33 820 81 1414
    Address: Marseille Provence Airport, 13727 Marignane, France

    Must Do

    Marseille is a large city that is full of activities that would entertain people for days. Here are some of the most popular:

    • Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations: The museum was inaugurated in 2013 and is devoted to European and Mediterranean civilisations. The museum is comprised of a collection showing the historical and cultural cross-fertilisation along the Mediterranean region. The museum is built on reclaimed land on the entrance of the Marseille harbor.

    • Notre-Dame de la Garde: This is the most popular site to visit in Marseille as it is the city's best known symbol. It is a Catholic basilica. Visited by many people for several different reasons including a pilgrimage and others simply for the view. From the basilica, it is possible to see the whole of Marseille.

    • La vieille charite: It is a former almshouse which is now functioning as a museum. It attracts numerous people as it is also known as a cultural centre. It is considered an extremely interesting building with an enticing atmosphere.

    • Chateau d'lf: This is a fortress located on the island which is located just offshore of the Bay of Marseille. It was originally built in 1480 by Francois I of France. He ordered it to be built for protection and to watch over Marseille. It also was the location for a prison between 1580 and 1871 and now it is mainly known from The count of Monte Cristo where the main character was imprisoned there.

    • Palais Longchamp: is a monument from the 4th arrondissement of Marseille. It now is the natural history museum and Marseilles musee de beaux-arts.

    Day Trips

    There is many excitng places around Marseille that are also worth travelling to including:


    This site is located on along the Mediterranean coast, just a 35-minute drive from Marseille. Calanque is a narrow inlet that is made up of limestone, dolomite or other carbonate strata.

    Pont du Gard:

    This is a famous ancient Roman aqueduct that crosses the Garden River near the town of Vers-pont-du-gard. This is often referred to as a work of art. Pont du Gard is about 1 hour and 36 minutes away from Marseille.

    Palais des papes:

    Steeped in history, the palace is the largest and most important medieval Gothic building in Europe. Initially, it was the seat of Western Christianity. Today, it is the palace of culture and primarily a tourist attraction.


    is another major city just 159 miles away in the south of France. Nice has so much to offer and is perfect for a day trip. You can take a stroll down The Promenade des Anglais or visit many of the museums in Nice , including Musee Matisse.

    Geographic Information & History

    Marseille, which is also spelt as Marseilles in English is situated in the south of France along the Mediterranean. It has a natural harbour which lies in the Gulf of Lion within a semi-circle of Limestone hills. Marseille is close to the estuary of the Rhone River. The closest city to Marseille is Montpellier (105.9 miles) and Nice (128.4).There are typically 300 days of sunshine per year in Marseille with the average temperature in the summer being 25 degrees Celsius with 12 degrees Celsius in the winter. Marseille port is and has always been one of Europe's largest and most important ports. Marseille, one of the oldest cities in Europe, is steeped in complex history. The history dates back to about 600 BC with the Greek colony. Marseille became part of France in the 1480s, however it retained its rebellious streak. In 1792, while travelling to Paris, the citizens of Marseille sang a song which had previously been written in Strasbourg. It is now known as La Marseillaise and is the French national anthem. Marseille had a boom during the French revolution. The city had huge levels of growth in manufacturing and industry. Marseille was badly affected during World War 2 as it was bombed by both the German and Italian forces, by the 1950s, it was rebuilt. Today, Marseille is possibly the French city most on the rise.

    Public Transportation

    Marseille has a very good and efficient public transport system. The train system is directed by Regie des transports de Marseille. There are two main train lines. The first (blue line) is between Castellane to La Fourragere. The second line (red) is between Sainte-Marguerite-Dromel and Bougainville. There are two main metro lines that travel through the city. The bus network travels around the city and suburbs of Marseille. Marseille introduced three tram lines in 2007 which travel from CMA CGM Tower towards Les Caillols. There are about 1000 bicycles for bike-sharing in Marseille which are between 130 stations.

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