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    Car hire in Versailles at the best rates with Auto Europe

    Versailles is the western suburb of Paris, nowadays mostly inhabited by the wealthy and still very popular with tourists. The historic significance of Versailles cannot be overstated. For over a century it was the political capital of the French monarchy and the starting point of the French Revolution. As one of the major tourist destinations in modern France, Versailles is visited by millions of people every year. Visitors come to admire the splendour of the Versailles château, France's most spectacular royal palace, still reflecting the pompous lifestyle of Louis XIV, deeply soaked in luxury. The construction of the château required marshes to be dried, forests to be cut, and hills to be flattened to make enough room for the magnificent gardens and fountains.

    If you are planning a trip to Paris, be sure not to miss this truly spectacular place. Choose car hire in Versailles for easy access to Paris, Beauvais and Rouen as well as the beautiful national parks nearby. Finding the most affordable car rental in Versailles is an easy task with Auto Europe. We have some of the best rates on the market and a good choice of vehicles for every taste. You are also welcome to test our luxury car hire offers in France.


    You will want to avoid rush hour to make driving your car hire faster and more comfortable. This is a general rule for all big cities and tourist destinations such as Versailles, as traffic around the château can get quite hectic at times. The same rule applies when driving into Paris. We recommend driving to the regional national park called Haute Vallee de Chevreuse several miles south-west from Versailles. Auto Europe has put together a guide to driving in France to help you drive your car hire without any concerns.


    Parking space in Versailles is plentiful, especially in and around the castle. Parking is chargeable except for disabled visitors who need to show the supporting documents. You will also find several car parks free of charge a little bit further.

    Geographic Information

    Versailles is situated in northern France, only a few miles from Paris. It enjoys fairly fine weather year-round with temperatures rarely going to extremes. The coldest month is January when you can expect snowfall and temperatures only a little above zero, while the summer can get quite warm with average temperatures of 25°C.

    Versailles Airports

    Being a suburb of Paris, Versailles has no airport itself. The closest airports are those in Paris.

    Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)
    Telephone: +33 1 70 36 39 50
    Charles de Gaulle Airport is the main Parisian airport located 16 miles to the north-east of the capital.

    Paris Orly (ORY)
    Telephone: +33 892 56 39 50
    Orly is the second largest airport in Paris. It is situated about 8 miles to the south of Paris.

    Beauvais-Tillé (BVA)
    Telephone: +33 892 68 20 66
    Beauvais airport is a bit further, being located approximately 80 miles to the north from Paris.

    Public transport

    Versailles is easily reached from Paris either with a car rental or by train. Small in size, Versaille is perfect for a walking tour. You can expect a 15-minute walk from the railways station to the castle. There is also a local bus service all year round along with the line 171 connecting the last metro stop of line 9 in Paris with Château de Versailles.

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