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    Car hire in Poland with the lowest prices

    If you are looking to hire a car in Poland, make certain you look for a dependable and reputable company that offers you the best prices and the widest selection. When you choose Auto Europe you are assured all of that and more. At Auto Europe, we offer you the largest fleet of vehicles, with a wide range of pick-up locations for your car rental in Poland, and our customer service representatives are available to assist 7 days a week. Give us a call today at +441233225114 or book online using our easy 3-step process. There is much to see in Poland, and Auto Europe wants you to be able to do so in a manner that suits your itinerary because for us, there is nothing more important than you: our customer. The best recommendations are from the customers themselves, so why not next spend a few minutes reading the comments they posted on our Poland car hire reviews page following their Auto Europe car rental experience in the country.

    Make the most of your car rental

    When you arrange for a car hire in Poland, you give yourself the opportunity to explore this noble and historically rich country in your own time to your own taste. Start your holiday with a car hire in Warsaw, a trendy and spirited city where you may visit the 14th century Royal Castle for an elaborate castle tour, or pay homage to the famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin by visiting the modern, high-tech multimedia Chopin museum. Next, you could drive your car hire to Krakow, Poland's premier tourist destination teeming with well-preserved Gothic architecture, trendy bars and chic restaurants. Once you tire of the urban scene, Poland's expansive and majestic natural beauty awaits you with endless miles of unspoiled forests and waterways ready for you to explore. There are over 124,000 miles of roads to traverse in Poland, and a car rental from Auto Europe allows you to chart your own course to create an adventure you'll remember.

    Road Rules and Petrol Stations

    Main roads are well maintained in Poland, therefore, it is best to stay on the state roads or motorways while travelling. Below you will find information on driving rules and regulations for driving in Poland:

    • Drive on the right hand side of the road in Poland.
    • Every passenger in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt.
    • Mobile phone use is prohibited with the exception of hands-free devices.
    • You must carry your driver's licence and rental agreement in the vehicle.
    • Your headlights must be on at all times all year round.
    • If you break Polish driving laws, you may be subject to an on-the-spot fine to be paid in Polish currency at the time of your violation.

    Poland takes drunk driving very seriously and is currently strengthening its laws to include hefty fines, long licence suspensions, and significant prison time for repeat offenders. With a blood alcohol limit of just .02, you will be in violation of Polish drunk driving limits after just a half a drink and will be subject to prosecution. If you are going to drink in Poland, do not drive. On our Poland driving information page listed below, you will find more useful tips.

    Petrol Stations

    In Poland, you will find plenty of petrol stations in the major urban areas and along the motorways and main roads. Most stations are open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, however there are a number of 24-hour stations. Shell, BP, Esso, Aral and Neste are among the petrol companies that serve Poland as well as the homegrown Polish petrol stations Orlen and Rafineria Gdańska.


    You will find three toll roads in Poland: Autostrada A1, A2, A4. Toll charging system in use for paid roads:

    • The toll is collected at tollbooths located on access roads, junctions, on the final sections of motorways. The fee is dependent on the type of vehicle as well as how far you have driven.

    Age Requirements

    To hire a car in Poland, a driver must be at least 21 years of age and have held his or her driving licence for at least one year in his or her country of residence. Drivers under 25 years of age may be charged an extra fee for driving inexperience when renting a car. Drivers over 70 years of age may also be subject to an additional surcharge - be certain to check the terms of your rental agreement for such provisions. In addition, all drivers will need an International Driver's Permit to drive in Poland.


    The currency in Poland is the Polish Zlotych (PLN), which is sometimes abbreviated locally as "zł".
    In Poland, you will commonly find private currency exchange offices that offer euro exchanges at rates comparable to commercial banks. However, exchanges in tourist centres or train stations tend to overcharge travellers.
    You will find an extensive network of cash machines or ATMs (called bankomat in Poland). Exchange rates are usually reasonable, but will ultimately depend on your banking institution.
    Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro are accepted throughout Poland especially in the larger urban areas.

    Time Difference

    On the Central European Time Zone, Poland is one hour ahead of the UK.


    Polish is the national language of Poland. English, German, and Russian are the commonly understood foreign languages, especially in cities and major tourist centres. Below are a few tips on speaking Polish and some phrases you may find helpful.
    a is pronounced as the a in father
    ą is a nasalized vowel, similar to French "on"
    e is pronounced as the e in bed
    ę is nasalized 'e', like rang
    i is pronounced as the e in marine
    o is pronounced as the o in lot
    ó is pronounced as the u below
    u is pronounced as the oo in boot
    y is pronounced like the y in myth
    Hello (formal) - Dzień dobry (Jeyn Dob-ry)
    Hello (informal) - Cześć (Tch-esh-ch)
    How are you? - Jak się masz? (Yahk sheng mah-sh)
    Fine, thank you. - Dziękuję, dobrze. (Jenkoo-yeng dob-zhe)
    What is your name? Jak masz na imię? (yahk mah-sh naheem-ye)
    My name is ______ .- Nazywam się ______. (Nah-zivam sheng____)
    Please. - Proszę. (PRO-she)
    Thank you. - Dziękuję. (Jenkoo-yeah)
    You're welcome. - (formal) Proszę. (PRO-she)
    You're welcome. - (informal) Nie ma za co. (nye ma za tso)
    Yes. - Tak. (tahk)
    No. - Nie. (nye)
    Excuse me. (for getting attention) - Przepraszam. (pshe-pra-sham)
    I'm sorry. - Przepraszam. (pshe-pra-sham)
    Goodbye. - (formal) - Do widzenia (do vee-dze-nya)
    Goodbye (informal). pa (pah)
    I can't speak Polish. - Nie mówię [dobrze] po polsku. (nyemoo-vye [dob-zhe] po pol-skoo)
    Do you speak English? - Czy mówisz po angielsku? (chi moo-vish po ang-gyel-skoo?)
    Is there someone here who speaks English? - Czy ktoś tu mówi po angielsku? (tch-y ktosh too moo-vee po ang-yel-skoo)
    Help! Pomocy! (po-mo-tsy)or Ratunku! (ra-toon-koo)
    Good night. - Dobranoc. (doh-brah-nots)
    I don't understand. - Nie rozumiem (Nyeh roh-zoom-yem)
    Where is the toilet? Gdzie jest toaleta? (g-jeh yest twa-leta)


    In Poland, electricity runs at 220 V, so the Continental two-round-pin plug is standard. Bring appropriate adaptors for your devices and appliances.

    Visa and Embassy Information

    As a member the Schengen Area, Poland does not require British citizens to obtain a visa or present passport in order to enter the country.
    British Embassy Warsaw
    ul. Kawalerii 12
    00-468 Warsaw
    Telephone: +48 22 311 00 00
    Fax: +48 22 311 03 13
    Consular enquiries:

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